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Clever Carnivore's $7M Seed Funding: A Leap Forward in Cultivated Meat Industry

Clever Carnivore, a Chicago-based biotech startup, has recently announced a significant milestone in its journey towards revolutionizing the meat industry. The company has successfully closed a $7 million seed funding round, led by Lever VC, a globally recognized investor in the alternative protein industry. This funding marks a pivotal step in Clever Carnivore's mission to produce low-cost, high-quality cultivated meat.

Founded to create delicious, sustainable, cost-competitive, and cruelty-free meat, Clever Carnivore is pioneering in the cultivated meat sector. The company's R&D, led by co-founder Paul Burridge, Ph.D., from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, focuses on cell line development and growth media optimization. Their breakthrough in reducing cell culture media costs significantly undercuts the production expenses of other cultivated meat companies.

Clever Carnivore's approach combines advanced biotechnology with a commitment to sustainability. The company is currently producing cultivated pork sausage and plans to unveil its prototype product, the Clever Bratwurst, in early 2024. This development is a testament to the company's innovative capabilities and its potential to disrupt the traditional meat industry.

The oversubscribed $7 million seed funding round reflects growing investor confidence in Clever Carnivore’s innovative approach. The investment will enable the company to accelerate its expansion plans, scale up production, and further its mission to redefine meat consumption. The funding attracted national and international investors, including McWin Capital Partners, Thia Ventures, Valo Ventures, Newfund Capital, and Stray Dog Capital. “We’ve been tracking and investing across the global cultivated meat sector since the first such company launched eight years ago, and we haven’t seen anyone come remotely close to Clever Carnivore’s astoundingly low current cost of production, a testament to the company’s phenomenal science,” said Nick Cooney, managing partner of Lever VC.

Clever Carnivore's recent funding round is a significant achievement in the cultivated meat industry. It not only highlights the company's promising technology and business model but also underscores the growing interest and potential of cultivated meat as a sustainable and ethical alternative to conventional meat products. As the industry continues to evolve, it holds great promise for transforming our food systems and contributing to a more sustainable future.


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