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Europe's Largest Cultivated Meat Pilot Plant Opens in the UK

Food tech firm Extracellular has opened what is touted as Europe's largest contract pilot facility dedicated to cultivated meat and seafood production. Located in Bristol, UK, the facility aims to revolutionize the cultivated meat industry by offering a range of services to companies in this sector.

Capacity and Capabilities

The new facility boasts a total capacity of 10,000 liters and a production capacity of up to 50 tons (45.4 tonnes) of cultivated meat per year based on existing capabilities. This is expected to increase to up to 100 tons (90.7 tonnes) per year. The pilot facility operates as a food-grade production facility and is currently operational at a 200-liter scale. It is expected to reach a 2,000-liter capacity by December 2023.

Multiple Bioreactors

The facility will house multiple bioreactors, ranging from 50 liters to 5,000 liters. These will be available to cultivated meat and seafood companies through Extracellular's development, scale-up, and contract manufacturing services.

Vision and Strategy

Extracellular's founder and CEO, Dr. Will Milligan, envisions the facility as a game-changer for the cultivated meat industry. The aim is to eliminate the need for companies to develop pilot-scale facilities, thereby saving businesses millions of pounds in capital expenditure (CAPEX). This approach also aims to cut years out of commercialization timelines and de-risk the scale-up process by providing much-needed manufacturing expertise. Dr. Milligan believes this will allow companies to focus on developing consumer-friendly products at achievable prices.

Global Expansion Plans

Following the launch of the Bristol pilot plant, Extracellular plans to support the development and commercialization of cultivated meat through dedicated scale-up sites in strategic geographies, including Asia and the Americas. The company's expertise in a variety of animal cell lines will enable it to support companies globally. It is already supporting more than a dozen customers across eight countries and four continents.

The opening of Extracellular's pilot facility in Bristol marks a significant milestone in the cultivated meat industry. With its state-of-the-art capabilities and visionary leadership, the facility is poised to accelerate the commercialization of cultivated meat and seafood products. As the sector continues to grow, facilities like this will play a crucial role in making cultivated meat a viable and sustainable alternative to traditional meat production.


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