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GOOD Meat Receives Landmark USDA Label Approval for Cultivated Chicken

GOOD Meat, the cultivated meat division of Eat Just, has achieved a significant milestone with the first-ever label approval for cultivated meat from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This clearance, received on June 8, brings the company closer to the commercial production and sale of its cultivated chicken in the United States. While GOOD Meat and the industry prefer the term "cultivated," the initial label uses the term "cell-cultivated."

Advancing Towards Commercial Production:

The label approval marks an important step for GOOD Meat as it progresses towards commercial production. The next and final stage in the pre-market regulatory process involves the company's demonstration plant in Alameda, California, and its contract manufacturing partner, JOINN Biologics in Richmond, California, receiving grants of inspection from the USDA. In March, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued GOOD Meat a "no questions" letter, indicating the agency's acceptance of the company's conclusion that its chicken, produced directly from cells instead of raised and slaughtered animals, is safe for consumption.

Acknowledging the progress made, Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of GOOD Meat and Eat Just, expressed his appreciation for the USDA's thoughtfulness throughout the regulatory process. Tetrick highlighted that the historic label approval is another step towards building a safer and more sustainable food system, building on the company's previous achievements in the cultivated meat industry.

A Global Trailblazer in Cultivated Meat:

GOOD Meat had previously secured multiple regulatory approvals for its cultivated chicken in Singapore, making it the only cultivated meat producer in the world with the ability to sell to consumers. Singapore granted regulatory approval for GOOD Meat's Chicken in 2020, 2021, and 2023. Since its launch, the company's chicken has been featured on menus at renowned fine dining establishments, popular hawker stalls, and available through the Foodpanda delivery platform. Recently, consumers could make reservations to taste GOOD Meat's chicken at Huber's Butchery, a distinguished producer and supplier of high-quality meats in Singapore.

Pioneering a Sustainable Future:

The label approval by the USDA reinforces GOOD Meat's commitment to revolutionizing the food industry and driving sustainable practices. By producing meat directly from cells, the company aims to offer a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional animal agriculture. Cultivated meat has the potential to reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional livestock farming, including land use, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions.

GOOD Meat's achievement of label approval for cultivated meat from the USDA marks a significant milestone in the development of this emerging industry. With commercial production and sale in sight, GOOD Meat is leading the way in providing consumers with a sustainable and ethical alternative to conventionally produced meat. The company's ongoing success in regulatory approvals, coupled with its global partnerships and collaborations, positions GOOD Meat as a frontrunner in the cultivated meat revolution, paving the way for a more sustainable and responsible food system.


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