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Heali's $3 Million Fundraising: A Milestone in Combating Chronic Disease Through Nutrition

Los Angeles-based startup Heali has recently secured $3 million in seed funding to combat chronic diseases through its innovative, AI-driven nutrition app. This funding round, led by Astanor Ventures, highlights Heali's commitment to advancing personal care and sustainable nutrition practices.

Personalized Nutrition for Chronic Conditions

Heali's app offers personalized nutrition plans tailored to over 200 chronic conditions, such as diabetes, allergies, autoimmune, and gastrointestinal issues. The app's AI models are designed to connect health conditions with beneficial dietary protocols, and it even includes a scanner feature for grocery shopping to ensure diet compatibility​​.

A Vision Rooted in Personal Experience

The inspiration for Heali came from Kyle Dardashti's personal struggle with Crohn’s disease. After experiencing significant health improvements through a specific carbohydrate diet, Dardashti was driven to create Heali, focusing on the concept of medical nutrition therapy​​.

Broadening Access to Nutritional Support

Heali primarily markets its app to healthcare providers, including Boston Heart Diagnostics, and is also collaborating with Blue Shield of California. While primarily B2B, the app is available directly to consumers, currently free but eventually moving to a subscription model​​.

Future Plans and Achievements

With the new funding, Heali is focusing on commercialization and customer base growth. Future plans include offering health coaching and meal kit delivery options. The platform has already gained recognition from the CDC and shown promising results in a clinical trial for irritable bowel syndrome​​.

The Rising Movement of Food as Medicine

The food as medicine movement is gaining traction, with Heali and other companies like Season Health and NourishedRx leading the way. Dardashti envisions a future where food is a central element in patient treatment​​.


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