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Heura Foods: Spearheading the Plant-Based Revolution with a €40 Million Boost

Heura co-founders - Marc Coloma and Bernat Ananos
Heura co-founders - Marc Coloma and Bernat Ananos

In an era where environmental sustainability is not just a preference but a necessity, the global food industry is witnessing a transformative shift towards plant-based alternatives. Leading the charge in this green revolution are companies that strive to create products that are not only kind to the planet but also delightful to the palate. While giants like Beyond Meat, NotCo, and Impossible Foods have paved the way, a new battalion of innovators, including Next Gen Foods, BettaF!sh, Standing Ovation, Planted, and Juicy Marbles, are making notable contributions. This week, however, it's Spanish startup Heura Foods that's stealing the limelight.

A Monumental Milestone for Heura Foods

Originating from Barcelona, Heura Foods has recently secured €40 million in Series B funding. This round is one of the largest of its kind this year within the European plant-based sector, following a substantial €20 million investment in 2022. To date, Heura's total funding has reached an impressive €56 million. This latest financial injection comes from notable contributors including Upfield—the world's largest plant-based manufacturer—alongside Unovis Asset Management, the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF VC), and New Tree Impact, all demonstrating strong faith in Heura's vision and strategic approach.

Looking Ahead: A Joint Mission with Upfield

The collaboration with Upfield is particularly noteworthy. Group CEO David Haines has expressed that this partnership will catalyze innovation, especially within the plant-based cheese category, speeding up the transition towards a plant-based diet. This alliance is founded on mutual goals of enhancing affordability, taste, and sustainability in the food industry. With this new capital, Heura is poised not just for profitability but also for significant advancements in technology to tackle the food industry's pressing challenges.

Heura Foods, a beacon in Spain’s alternative protein landscape, is branching out into key markets such as the UK, France, and Italy. The fresh funds will drive the company towards profitability, consolidating its status as a leader in the field. The focus will be on launching high-repeat "successor" products and expanding its influence through technological licensing to effect a broader transformation of the food system.

Marc Coloma, CEO and co-founder, expressed his excitement, stating, “This is a recognition of Heura’s vision at the forefront of Europe’s protein transition.” He emphasized the need to shift the onus from consumers to the food industry, with a focus on health and sustainability. “This new chapter will drive us to profitability while enabling us to develop breakthrough tech to tackle the industry's key challenges in a scalable way,” Coloma added.

Innovating Sustainable Meat Alternatives

Heura differentiates itself through its innovative process-controlled microstructure design technology, which allows for the structural transformation of proteins at the micro-scale. Despite the controversial environmental impact of soy, Heura opts for high-protein, GMO-free legumes, melded with Mediterranean essentials like extra virgin olive oil and spices, to create a variety of plant-based meats. These include chicken strips, beef burgers, and vegan pork, now available at over 22,000 points of sale across 17 countries. Furthermore, Heura's innovation journey reached a milestone with the filing of its first patent in April last year, introducing a method for producing additive-free plant-based foods with exceptional nutritional values.

Marc Coloma highlights Heura's mission-driven strategy, focusing on sustainability, taste, and nutrition. The company's proprietary technology stands as a pillar of its competitive edge, designed to holistically address the food industry's challenges.

The Genesis of Heura Foods

The seeds of Heura were sown by food activists Bernat Añaños and Marc Coloma in 2017, driven by a passion for addressing contemporary challenges in the food system. Their activism and entrepreneurial spirit have been key to Heura's inception, to revolutionize the food industry by offering sustainable and appealing alternatives to livestock products.

As Heura Foods embarks on this new chapter with significant financial backing and strategic partnerships, its journey from a vision to a leader in the plant-based revolution is a testament to the growing global commitment to sustainability and health. This milestone not only marks a significant achievement for Heura but also signifies a promising future for the plant-based food industry at large.


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