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Indigo Ag Partners with Microsoft to Drive Soil Carbon Credits and Advance Sustainability

Courtesy of Indigo Ag
Courtesy of Indigo Ag

Indigo Ag has announced a landmark agreement with Microsoft, which will see the tech giant purchase 40,000 agricultural soil-based carbon credits from Indigo Ag’s third carbon crop, issued in February. This represents the largest number of credits ever delivered by Indigo Ag to a single buyer. These credits are verified and issued under the Soil Enrichment Protocol of the Climate Action Reserve, a globally trusted independent carbon registry.

Microsoft's decision to integrate Indigo Ag’s carbon program into its climate action portfolio underscores the demand for robust, science-backed agricultural soil-based credits. This move aligns with Microsoft's ambitious goal to become carbon negative by 2030 and highlights the growing maturity of the voluntary carbon market.

Indigo Ag's carbon program is built on scientifically peer-reviewed measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) capabilities, ensuring the robustness, integrity, and durability of its credits. This enables growers to realize the value of adopting and sustaining new agricultural practices that generate these credits. Beyond its carbon program, Indigo Ag deploys its MRV capabilities to help companies in the agri-food value chain reduce their Scope 3 emissions and produce low carbon intensity crop feedstocks for biofuels. To date, Indigo's Sustainability Solutions have reduced and removed over 340,000 tons of GHG emissions and saved over 19 billion gallons of water used in agriculture.

Dean Banks, CEO of Indigo Ag, commented on the announcement: "Today's announcement is a major milestone for Indigo's Carbon program and our expanding range of ag-based sustainability solutions. Microsoft is a leader in corporate climate action, a highly influential player in carbon removals, and shares our commitment to support the transition to a more resilient and sustainable agriculture system."

He continued, "Our program's selection by Microsoft is a significant win for science-based, high-integrity agricultural soil carbon credits. We have uniquely and substantively invested in the scientific rigor of our program since 2018 to meet the strict standards of premier crediting programs like the Climate Action Reserve. We are working with our partners to enable growers to benefit from valuable, durable new revenue streams that reward them for their efforts in changing practices."

Brian Marrs, Senior Director of Energy and Carbon Removal at Microsoft, added: "Soil organic carbon restoration is vital to the future of food systems, economies, and climate change mitigation. We are pleased to collaborate with Indigo Ag to advance both the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices and the soil organic carbon scientific evidence base."

Carbon Markets, Innovation and Sustainability

The carbon market, particularly for startups focused on sustainability, is witnessing significant growth and transformation. Companies like Indigo Ag are pioneering innovative solutions to generate and verify high-quality carbon credits. These credits provide essential financial incentives for farmers and other stakeholders to adopt sustainable practices.

Startups in the carbon market are leveraging advanced technologies such as MRV systems to ensure the credibility and efficacy of carbon credits. These systems are crucial for maintaining the trust of major buyers like Microsoft and for meeting stringent standards set by top-tier carbon registries like the Climate Action Reserve.

The voluntary carbon market is evolving, with increasing participation from corporations seeking to offset their emissions as part of broader sustainability goals. This market is seen as a critical component in global efforts to mitigate climate change, offering scalable solutions for carbon sequestration and reduction.

For startups, the opportunity lies in innovating within this space to provide verifiable, science-based carbon credits that not only support corporate climate goals but also drive positive environmental and economic impacts. By focusing on high-integrity credits and transparent reporting, startups can attract significant investments and partnerships, as demonstrated by the Indigo Ag and Microsoft collaboration.

Moreover, the emphasis on sustainable practices extends beyond carbon credits. Startups are exploring comprehensive sustainability solutions, including water conservation, soil health improvement, and biodiversity enhancement. These efforts contribute to a more resilient agricultural system and offer multiple revenue streams for farmers, aligning economic incentives with environmental stewardship.

In conclusion, the partnership between Indigo Ag and Microsoft exemplifies the potential of the carbon market to drive meaningful climate action. As the market continues to mature, startups dedicated to sustainability are well-positioned to lead the way, providing innovative solutions that address global environmental challenges while fostering economic growth.


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