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La Vie Introduces Plant-Based Ham in the UK Market, Exclusively at Tesco

In a significant move towards sustainable and conscious eating, La Vie, an innovative alternative protein startup, has announced the launch of its new plant-based ham in the United Kingdom, marking its first foray into the market with an exclusive listing at Tesco. This introduction follows the product's remarkable success in France and caps a robust five-year development journey.

Available in both smoked and non-smoked variants, the plant-based ham retails at £3 per 100 grams. These products are crafted using a blend of high-quality ingredients such as pea protein, soy protein, radish juice concentrate, potassium acetate, salt, natural flavourings, and vegan lactic acid. This unique combination is meticulously designed to replicate the traditional ham's texture, juiciness, and taste, while also offering a high protein content of 19.5 grams per 100 grams.

A standout feature of La Vie's plant-based ham is its nitrite-free composition, boasting five times less saturated fat compared to its pork counterpart, aligning with the brand's commitment to healthier alternatives. "The surge in demand for plant-based options in the UK underscores a shift towards conscious eating and sustainable choices," expressed Nicolas Schweitzer, CEO of La Vie. He added, “We’re eager to be part of this movement, exclusively with Tesco, offering consumers a savory and eco-friendly alternative.”

The launch of this plant-based ham is not just a product introduction but a strategic milestone for La Vie, coming on the heels of its largest crowdfunding campaign in France. “Our plant-based ham, with its authentic taste and French flair, isn’t just a product – it’s a celebration of ethical choices and a flavorful future,” Schweitzer remarked.

In addition to the plant-based ham, La Vie’s product line including plant-based bacon and lardons will also be available in the UK’s largest retailer for the first time. These products are set to join the shelves alongside other stockists such as Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Ocado, broadening the choices for consumers in the UK seeking plant-based alternatives.

This move by La Vie is a significant step in the burgeoning plant-based market, reflecting a growing trend towards environmentally friendly and health-conscious food choices. The exclusive partnership with Tesco further highlights the increasing demand and mainstream acceptance of plant-based products, signaling a transformative shift in consumer habits and preferences.


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