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Lypid Releases World's First Plant Based Pork Belly

Lypid Releases World's First Plant Based Pork Belly
Lypid Releases World's First Plant Based Pork Belly

Nearly half the global population identifies flexitarian, spurring international food suppliers to find tastier, more sustainable meat substitutes. In response, Lypid, a US-based food tech startup, is introducing the world's first plant-based Lypid Pork Belly. Available in the US and Taiwan from April 2023, Lypid allows consumers to invest in the planet with each bite. The organization also plans to extend its partnerships with cutting-edge food service chains across America and Asia.

Classic Mac and Cheese and Braised Pork Belly Rice Recreated with Lypid Pork Belly

Starting this month, Lypid Pork Belly will be available in restaurants across the US and Taiwan. To celebrate the launch, two restaurant partners - plant-based bistro BaganHood and craft bar 23 Public - have created five exclusive dishes featuring Lypid's meaty and luscious "bacon pieces." BaganHood serves "Bacon Mac and Cheese" and "Bacon and Egg Florentine Pizza." At the same time, patrons of 23 Public can sink their teeth into dishes such as "Braised Pork Belly Rice," "Bacon Fries," and "Juicy Meatballs" starting April 24. In addition, gourmands will have a chance to experience Lypid Pork Belly in various delicious preparations.

Plant-based, Versatile Meat for Chefs

Lypid Pork Belly is a delicious, protein-packed plant-based alternative to traditional pork bacon. It's crafted using 100% plant-based ingredients and patented PhytoFat™ vegan fat - giving it the same juicy, meaty texture we all know and love. Compared to regular pork bacon, Lypid Pork Belly contains 85% less saturated fat, 39% fewer calories, and 69% less sodium. Plus, it's free of antibiotics and cholesterol! This versatile ingredient works on nearly any cooking surface - sauté it, fry it, or bake it - for truly one-of-a-kind dishes every time.

Lypid achieved a historic victory last year when its PhytoFat™ product was launched with Louisa Coffee, Taiwan's leading coffee shop chain. Serving up juicy, plant-based burgers to over 500 stores, Lypid's innovation earned them top honors at FoodBev Media's World Food Innovation Awards. Later in 2023, at the CES expo in Las Vegas, their revolutionary Pork Belly from the B2B plant-based meat line gained wide recognition; Green Queen and The Spoon named it among the top 3 future foods and a food innovator worth watching, respectively.

Executive Chef David Hollands and Executive Sous Chef Bernardita Gotis served Lypid Pork Belly with Adobo Garlic Fried Rice. Chef Hollands said, "It's a product that has all the layers of pork belly," When it's cooked, it behaves like pork belly—it becomes crispy and doesn't solidify right away. Not all vegan products behave as well as pork belly."

International Expansion

Pork is the world's most consumed meat, with a significant climate impact. Starting with "pork belly," the food tech company hopes to expand plant-based meat into a more sustainable, tasty, and healthy dietary choice for the public, starting from pork belly. Lypid Pork Belly will continue to be available throughout the US and Asia Pacific from pioneering food suppliers and brands.


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