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MycoTechnology Launches Fermentation as a Service to Address Industry Bottlenecks

New Platform Aims to Accelerate Bioproduct Innovation Amid Fermentation Capacity Shortage

In a move set to revolutionize the biomanufacturing sector, MycoTechnology, Inc., a leader in mushroom mycelial fermentation, has announced the launch of its U.S.-based Fermentation as a Service (FaaS) platform. This innovative initiative comes as a lifeline for startups and enterprises grappling with a severe industry-wide shortage of fermentation capacity.

Bridging the Capacity Gap

FaaS aims to provide companies with unprecedented access to essential tools and expertise, allowing them to scale their fermentation operations from as low as 300 liters to a staggering 90,000 liters. The platform is designed to help companies navigate challenges related to product quality, yield, and cost management as they transition to commercial production.

Ranjan Patnaik, Chief Technology Officer at MycoTechnology, explained the significance of the platform: “Fermentation is a critical process that underpins the production of a wide array of bioproducts. However, scaling up can be fraught with difficulties, and fierce competition for fermentation capacity is resulting in bottlenecks, delays, and escalating costs. These factors are creating major barriers to entry into the sector. But by opening up our facility to others, we aim to foster breakthroughs and accelerate the pace of innovation.”

Regulatory Compliance and Diverse Applications

The FaaS platform is versatile, accommodating a wide range of bioproducts such as proteins, enzymes, and probiotics. It operates under stringent regulatory standards, adhering to FDA 21 CFR Part 117 guidelines and holding a GFSI audit certification from BRCGS. This ensures that the facility offers robust and reliable fermentation services.

Aligning with National Initiatives

The launch of MycoTechnology’s FaaS platform is particularly timely, coinciding with broader efforts to bridge the fermentation capacity gap in the U.S. biomanufacturing sector. Supported by initiatives like the BioMADE program, FaaS emerges as a pivotal player in enhancing the U.S. bioindustrial landscape.

A Future Filled with Potential

By offering this groundbreaking service, MycoTechnology is not just solving an immediate industry problem but is also laying the groundwork for future innovation. Companies that were previously constrained by capacity issues can now envision a future filled with potential and groundbreaking advancements.


MycoTechnology’s Fermentation as a Service platform is a game-changing initiative that addresses a critical bottleneck in the biomanufacturing sector. By providing startups and innovative enterprises with the tools and capacity they need, FaaS is set to accelerate the pace of bioproduct development and innovation, making it a cornerstone in the future of U.S. biomanufacturing.


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