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NeoTaste Secures €21 Million in Series A Funding to Fuel Expansion and Innovate the Gastrotech Space

NeoTaste Founders
NeoTaste Founders

In a recent announcement, NeoTaste, Germany's premier gastrotech app, has successfully closed a significant Series A extension round, amassing €15.1 million. This recent financial injection complements an earlier round of €5.9 million, raised six months prior, bringing the total to an impressive €21 million. This latest round was spearheaded by Earlybird, a prominent European venture capital firm known for its investment in industry leaders like Lilium and Greenlyte, with additional funds from returning investor Burda Principal Investments (BPI), the investment arm of media powerhouse Hubert Burda Media.

Embarking on International Expansion

With this fresh capital, NeoTaste is set to accelerate its expansion efforts, particularly focusing on broadening its footprint across Europe. The company has already made strides by entering Amsterdam, marking its initial foray outside German borders. By the end of the year, NeoTaste aims to extend its services to numerous other cities across Germany and Europe. The app boasts over 750,000 users and partnerships with more than 3,000 restaurants in Germany, with Amsterdam being its first international venture.

Founder Hendrik Sander shared insights into the company's expansion strategy, stating, "In the coming months, NeoTaste will be extending its reach to even more cities and countries, offering an array of enhanced features." However, he also expressed cautious optimism, noting the unpredictable nature of the market in recent times.

The Genesis of NeoTaste

Founded in 2019 by Hendrik Sander and Tobias Düser, NeoTaste was born from a simple conversation highlighting a significant market gap. The founders recognized a need for digital solutions to address the inefficiencies plaguing the traditional restaurant industry. By leveraging its technology, NeoTaste aims to simplify and enhance the connection between restaurants and customers.

A Platform that Benefits All

NeoTaste's business model is centered around creating value for both restaurants and customers. By offering exclusive deals through its app, the company introduces customers to new dining experiences and helps restaurants expand their clientele. Subscription options for users and a commitment to free restaurant listings underscore NeoTaste's innovative approach to customer acquisition in the restaurant industry.

Innovation at the Core

With a team of over 80 members representing diverse backgrounds, NeoTaste is at the forefront of digital innovation in the gastrotech space. The company is actively developing new features to enhance the digital interaction between restaurants and their patrons, including direct reservation capabilities. Sander emphasizes, "Our goal is to be the go-to platform for restaurants and customers, digitizing the entire restaurant experience."

A Bright Future Ahead

NeoTaste's unique position in the market, underscored by its successful funding rounds and strategic focus on value creation, sets it apart from competitors. The support from notable investors like Earlybird and BPI validates the company's business model and its potential to redefine the gastrotech industry. With ambitious plans for expansion and innovation, NeoTaste is poised to revolutionize the way restaurants and customers connect, shaping the future of gastronomy.


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