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Nourish: Revolutionizing Nutrition Care with $35 Million Series A Funding

In a notable move, Nourish, a fast-rising telenutrition platform, has announced a significant milestone in its journey to transform the landscape of nutrition care. The company successfully secured $35 million in Series A funding, marking a pivotal moment in its mission to connect individuals with registered dietitians (RDs) through insurance. This investment brings Nourish's total funding to an impressive $44 million since its inception in 2021. The funding round was led by Index Ventures and saw participation from Maverick Ventures, TCV, and existing investors like Y Combinator, Thrive Capital, and BoxGroup. High-profile angel investors, including professional soccer player Alex Morgan and founders from notable companies like Oscar, Olipop, and Notion, also contributed.

Addressing a Crucial Need

The United States faces a dire nutrition crisis, with poor nutrition being a root cause of chronic diseases affecting more than half of its population. Clinical evidence underscores the effectiveness of RDs in preventing and managing prevalent chronic conditions. However, access to outpatient nutrition care has been severely limited, particularly among lower-income populations most affected by poor nutrition. By leveraging insurance partnerships and offering virtual care, Nourish aims to make nutrition care widely accessible to the 150 million Americans grappling with nutrition-related chronic diseases.

Expanding Access and Impact

With an extensive network of dietitians and a growing patient base across all 50 states, Nourish plans to expand its network to over 1,000 RDs by the end of 2024. The platform offers personalized support for various life stages and conditions, including adolescent eating disorders, diabetes, heart health, and more, addressing nearly 40 different conditions.

A Triple Win Scenario

Sam Perkins, co-founder, President, and COO of Nourish, envisions a win-win-win scenario through this initiative. Patients gain access to personalized nutrition care that was previously out of reach for many. RDs can now accept insurance without the hassles of administrative work, focusing on patient care and practice growth. Insurance companies gain access to a high-quality dietitian network and a virtual platform for improved clinical outcomes.

Innovation at the Core

Nourish is not just connecting patients to RDs; it's revolutionizing how nutritional care is delivered. Patients can engage with their RDs in real-time through its mobile app, sharing meals, asking questions, and tracking progress. The platform's proprietary matching software ensures patients are paired with RDs suited to their specific needs, leading to exceptionally high patient satisfaction scores.

Looking Ahead

With the latest infusion of funds, Nourish plans to further invest in AI-driven tools for enhanced patient personalization and streamlined administrative processes for RDs. The company is also innovating in the "food as medicine" space, integrating diet prescriptions tailored to patient needs. Partnerships with grocery delivery services and insurance companies are in the pipeline to tackle food insecurity and optimize outcomes for patients on GLP-1 medications.

A Mission with Deep Roots

The founders and supporters of Nourish share a deep commitment to addressing America's nutrition crisis. From education and behavior change to improving access to healthy foods, Nourish aims to tackle the multifaceted problem head-on. This mission resonates with individuals across the board, including athletes like Alex Morgan, who underscores the personal impact of nutrition in her life as both an athlete and a mother.

A Visionary Support

The backing by Index Ventures, Maverick Ventures, TCV, and others underscores the belief in Nourish's vision to make a lasting impact on America's health landscape. The platform's approach to providing accessible, evidence-based nutrition care is poised to help millions of Americans lead healthier lives.

Nourish's journey is a beacon of hope in the fight against chronic diseases through improved nutrition. With its innovative platform, strategic partnerships, and now, a substantial funding boost, Nourish is set to redefine the future of nutrition care in America.


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