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myAir Launches The First "Food for Mood" Generative AI Nutritionist

Smart food company co-founded by Rachel Yarcony, myAir launched myAir nutrition Coach, an advanced "food for mood" personal nutritionist. Following extensive scientific research on the profound impact of specific functional nutrition on mood, myAir has developed a generative AI solution that harnesses the power of nutrition and mind&body assessments to balance and relieve stress.

Cognitive research demonstrated that building new habits for stress management is challenging. However, recent studies in behavioral change have revealed that incorporating new habits into our daily routines, such as our eating habits, is the key to lasting change. That's why myAir Nutrition Coach seamlessly integrates stress management into one's everyday life.

myAir's platform leverages smart devices, proprietary algorithms, and cutting-edge Generative AI to measure, monitor, and alleviate stress. Analyzing physiological and psychological indicators provides 24/7 nutritional support tailored to your unique profile. With real-time insights and bio-feedback, one receives a personalized nutrition plan that will help effectively manage stress.

What sets myAir apart is the platform's convenience and high engagement rates. Consumers can access their nutrition coach through popular chat formats like WhatsApp and Messenger streamlining the process and enabling an experience that enhances the benefits of stress reduction through nutrition.

Together with a team of world-leading scientists from Berkeley and Tel Aviv Universities and top-notch data scientists, myAir is disrupting the food industry with the first personalized nutrition solution for stress management.


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