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Pioneering Sustainability: ALOHA and Terviva’s Collaborative Venture with the New Pa'akai Bar

Courtesy of Aloha
Courtesy of Aloha

In an innovative stride towards sustainable food production, Terviva, an agricultural innovation company, has joined forces with ALOHA, a leader in plant-based nutrition, to introduce a new special edition snack that marries taste with environmental stewardship. The launch of the Pa'akai Bar, featuring Terviva's climate-resilient Ponova® oil, marks a significant milestone in the partnership between these two companies. This collaboration is not just about creating another plant-based snack; it's about setting a new standard for sustainability and nutritional value in the food industry.

The Pa'akai Bar, now available on and soon on additional online platforms like Thrive Market, is the latest product to utilize Ponova oil, a sustainable and versatile vegetable oil derived from the pongamia tree. This follows the successful 2023 launch of the Kona Bar, the first commercially available food product to include Ponova oil. Naveen Sikka, founder and CEO of Terviva, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with ALOHA and the positive reception of Ponova oil in the market. "Our partnership with ALOHA is critical to introducing more people to our sustainable, delicious, and versatile Ponova oil," Sikka stated, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in promoting sustainable ingredients.

A Cultural and Nutritional Fusion

Named after the Hawaiian word for “solid ocean” or “sea salt,” the Pa'akai Bar is a tribute to the cultural and nutritional heritage of Hawai'i. The bar features crystallized sea salt from the island channels of Hawai'i, macadamia nuts grown using renewable energy, 100% USDA organic dark chocolate, ALOHA’s signature plant protein blend, and, of course, Ponova oil. This blend of ingredients not only offers a rich flavor profile but also embodies the spirit of sustainable and health-conscious eating.

Moreover, ALOHA is committed to giving back to the community that inspires its products. In line with this commitment, 10% of the proceeds from every Pa'akai Bar sold will be donated to Kupu, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering Hawai'i's youth through education and workforce development in sustainable sectors. This initiative underscores the importance of supporting sustainable practices and education for future generations.

The Sustainability of Ponova Oil

Ponova oil, hailed as a World Changing Idea by Fast Company in 2023, represents a breakthrough in sustainable food ingredients. Made from the beans of the pongamia tree, this oil is not only an affordable culinary alternative but also a key ingredient in various food products, from dairy substitutes to plant-based meats. Its neutral flavor and buttery mouthfeel make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, offering both versatility and nutritional benefits.

The pongamia tree itself is a model of resilience and sustainability, thriving in sub-tropical climates and offering numerous environmental benefits. Its ability to restore soil quality, sequester carbon, and reduce the need for water and fertilizer positions the pongamia tree as a valuable asset in combating climate change. Terviva's commitment to a transparent and equitable supply chain further enhances the sustainability credentials of Ponova oil, supporting local communities and farmers in the U.S. and India.

A Mission-Driven Partnership

Brad Charron, CEO of ALOHA, speaks to the mission at the heart of this collaboration: "Hawai'i is a beacon of inspiration for land stewardship and sustainable farming, initiatives that we hold dear." As an employee-owned company, ALOHA sees its growth as an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. The Pa'akai Bar is a testament to ALOHA's dedication to nourishing the world with nutritious, sustainable food, made with traceable, high-quality ingredients.

This collaboration between ALOHA and Terviva is more than just a partnership; it's a movement towards a more sustainable and nutritious future. By joining forces, these companies are not only delivering delicious and healthful food options to consumers but also promoting sustainable agricultural practices and supporting local communities. The Pa'akai Bar stands as a symbol of what can be achieved when companies with shared values work together to challenge the status quo and drive positive change in the food industry.


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