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Remilk Secures Regulatory Approval to Bring its Alt Milk to Market

Remilk, a worldwide pioneer in manufacturing and developing animal-free dairy protein, has been granted groundbreaking approval from the Israel Ministry of Health (MOH). This meaningful regulatory opportunity creates a route for marketing and selling non-animal dairy items crafted from Remilk to Israeli purchasers. It also places the country among the world's first to provide access to sustainable, authentic dairy free from cows, lactose, cholesterol, antibiotics, and growth hormones.

Using a proprietary fermentation process, Remilk produces animal-free milk proteins. In addition to receiving a recent FDA "No Questions Letter," Remilk also received a regulatory clearance from the Singapore Food Authority confirming that its animal-free protein can be safely used in food products under its GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) standards, which confirms FDA acceptance of an expert panel's conclusion.

As of now, Remilk has raised more than $130M and has signed deals with major food companies worldwide. With its protein already being produced in industrial quantities in facilities around the world, Remilk announced a large-scale commercial agreement with the Central Bottling Company (CBC Group), the exclusive Israeli franchisee of Coca-Cola, and one of the largest food companies in Israel, to develop dairy products containing Remilk's protein.

"This is a defining moment, not only for Remilk, but for the entire global alternative protein industry and the state of Israel, one of the first in the world to recognize the significance of precision fermentation," said Aviv Wolff, CEO and co-founder of Remilk. "The opening of the Israeli market to real, animal-free dairy products will place Israel not only at the forefront of global food-tech research and development, but also as a leading market in the world for new food consumption. Today's news opens the door for the introduction of high-quality and nutritious animal-free dairy products." Furthermore, Wolf added, "The product launch planned with the Central Bottling Company is on the horizon as we continue to realize our vision of creating new food systems that can provide nutritious and high-quality solutions for the world's growing population."


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