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Revyve's Innovative Ingredient Mimics Egg Functionality without Additives

Courtesy of Revyve
Courtesy of Revyve

FoodTech company Revyve has developed an innovative solution to replace animal-derived texturizers and additives in burgers, launching its high-performance egg-replacement ingredient at IFT FIRST 2024. This new product aims to offer the same meaty bite and sensory experience that consumers expect from their food, using a clean, minimally processed approach.

For years, eggs have been essential as texturizers and binders in processed foods, including meat and plant-based burgers. However, there has been a growing demand for more sustainable and ethical alternatives due to concerns over egg prices, supply stability, food safety, and allergies. Revyve's new ingredient addresses these issues by providing an animal-free solution without compromising on texture and mouthfeel.

Revyve's texturizing ingredients are made from upcycled brewer's yeast, creating a satisfying food experience. Cedric Verstraeten, CEO of Revyve, explains that the company's science-backed ingredients deliver the meatiness and juicy firmness that consumers desire in burgers. These ingredients are all-natural and non-GMO, providing a cleaner and simpler alternative to traditional additives.

According to Edgar Suarez Garcia, PhD, Revyve's Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, the company has leveraged the functionality of yeast to create products with true-to-form textures. Revyve's ingredients offer exceptional heat-set gelling, binding, and emulsification, allowing burgers to retain water and oil at various temperatures, brown and sizzle on the grill, and hold their shape when handled. The key to Revyve's success lies in the unique combination of functional proteins and fibers developed through patented technology.

Revyve prioritizes sustainability by using a proprietary production method that avoids chemicals and harsh processing. The company's clean-label products help manufacturers shorten ingredient lists and use recognizable sources. By repurposing brewer's yeast, a by-product of beer making, Revyve supports eco-friendly practices in its production process.

Revyve's egg-replacement ingredient is price-competitive with eggs and easy to use with standard processing equipment. This makes it an attractive option for manufacturers looking to redesign existing products or formulate new ones in line with emerging trends. The ingredient complies with all international regulatory requirements, ensuring broad commercial availability.

Revyve has garnered significant attention, including a recent visit from Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. During her tour of the Wageningen Plus Ultra II incubator and business facility, Her Majesty sampled several prototypes and expressed keen interest in the company's upcycled yeast-based ingredients. This recognition highlights Revyve's potential impact on the food industry.

Revyve plans to release more gluten-free and allergen-free ingredients in Q3 2024, further expanding its range of innovative food solutions. The company's ongoing commitment to developing sustainable and effective alternatives positions it as a leader in the FoodTech industry, poised to meet the evolving demands of consumers and manufacturers alike.

Revyve's introduction of its high-performance egg-replacement ingredient marks a significant step forward in creating sustainable, ethical, and high-quality food products. As the company continues to innovate and expand, it is set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of food texture and production.


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