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Say Goodbye to Traditional Dairy Cheese and Hello to ChickP Protein's Dairy Cheese Analog

ChickP has developed prototypes of chickpea-powered cream cheese and firm cheddar cheese that match the appearance and taste of real dairy cheese. In addition, the foodtech start-up protein's patented chickpea isolate demonstrates its ability to act as an exceptional plant-based protein alternative for cheese analogs.

As a result of ChickP's breakthrough formulations, manufacturers will be able to quickly develop plant-based cheese products that satisfy consumers' cravings for cheesy goodness. In addition to egg-free mayonnaise, ice cream, and chickpea-based barista creamer, ChickP's ingredient demonstrates the functional versatility of its ingredient with these new cheese applications.

Cheese isn't just a comfort food – it's a nutritious, savory, and key ingredient in many popular dishes. According to the Smart Protein Project survey, it's one of the most consumed animal-based foods in 10 countries, with individual consumption ranging from once to six times a week. Despite this strong demand for cheese, people are increasingly looking towards plant-based versions; however, many don't find current options satisfactory regarding taste, texture or value. Nonetheless, by 2030 plant-based cheese is estimated to reach a market value of USD7 billion - showing that the appetite for delicious alternatives shows no sign of slowing down.

ChickP created a no-compromise cheese alternative, which broke down the barriers to the ideal protein. The start-up's formula is based on a proprietary, high-functioning chickpea isolate. In addition to its 90% whole protein composition, the isolate offers a powerful nutritional boost to plant-based food applications. Furthermore, it has a neutral flavor and is clean-label, making it a versatile ingredient.

The cream cheese formulation in ChickP combines the isolate with water, coconut oil, and starch. As a cultured product, it is naturally replete with probiotic benefits due to its fermentation with lactic bacteria, a process similar to the traditional milk-based process. As a result, it produces a tangy cheese-like flavor.

ChickP also created a chickpea-based firm cheese with a bold, earthy flavor, chewy texture, and natural probiotics. It is also fermented to achieve a depth of flavor, firmness, and natural probiotics. You can use it on sandwiches, melt it on toast, or make an alfredo-style pasta or vegan macaroni and cheese with it.

The company is developing several other popular kinds of cheese, such as emmental, parmesan, and mozzarella. In addition, to help traditional dairy manufacturers transition into the alt protein arena, ChickP is partnering with global alternative dairy producers. As well as providing raw materials, ChickP will also provide technical expertise to them.

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