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Shiru Launches Revolutionizing Protein Markets with AI

Courtesy Shiru - Dr. Jasmin Hume
Courtesy Shiru - Dr. Jasmin Hume

Shiru, a company at the forefront of biotechnological innovation, has unveiled, a groundbreaking platform touted as the world’s first AI-powered marketplace for proteins. This digital marketplace aims to transform how companies across various sectors—food, agriculture, personal care, and advanced materials—discover, pilot, and acquire sustainable proteins.

Founded in 2019, Shiru leverages artificial intelligence and synthetic biology to accelerate the discovery of natural products. The platform reflects a significant leap from traditional research and development methods, offering access to a database of over 33 million molecules. Shiru’s initiative is backed by a robust funding trajectory, including a notable $17 million from a Series A funding round, aimed at expanding its technological and market capabilities. allows users to search through millions of natural protein sequences, categorizing them by function, sequence, and expression success. The platform’s interface simplifies the acquisition of samples and secures intellectual property rights, making it akin to an "Amazon for proteins." This system not only supports large incumbents and startups, but also researchers aiming to unlock new bio-based ingredients.

The introduction of is expected to save companies millions in R&D costs by significantly speeding up the development process. From finding stable sweet proteins to mimicking dairy proteins like casein, the platform provides a streamlined, cost-effective approach to product development. Shiru’s technology portfolio, including patented processes and collaborations with global corporations, underscores its commitment to sustainable ingredient innovation.

Shiru’s launch of represents a paradigm shift in the bio-based product market. By making sophisticated AI tools accessible, Shiru is not just enhancing product discovery and market accessibility but is also paving the way for a more sustainable industrial future. This platform is poised to become a critical tool for anyone in the sector looking to innovate and expand their bio-based product lines efficiently.


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