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Simple Planet Raises $6 Million to Scale Up Alternative Protein Production

Courtesy of Simple Planet - Bovine Muscle
Courtesy of Simple Planet - Bovine Muscle

In an era where sustainability and ethical sourcing are more than just buzzwords, Simple Planet, a Korea-based company, just raised $6 million in Pre-Series A funding and is making strides in the realm of cell-based alternative food ingredients. This investment, supported by a consortium of leading Korean venture capitalists and corporations, underscores the growing confidence in Simple Planet's vision and technological advancements. The company's journey, now bolstered by a total of $7.5 million in investments, marks a pivotal moment in its quest to redefine our food ecosystem.

Funding and Future Directions

The successful closure of this funding round, attracting interest from esteemed entities such as POSCO CAPITAL, DCP Private Equity, and Hyundai Venture Investment, among others, is a testament to Simple Planet's potential to influence the future of food. This funding is not just capital; it's a vote of confidence in the company's ability to lead change. With plans to channel a significant portion of these funds into constructing a state-of-the-art GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) production facility, Simple Planet is laying the groundwork for the mass production of high-concentrate protein powder derived from cell-based sources.

A Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

Simple Planet's food production approach is innovative and deeply committed to sustainability. By harnessing suspension cell culture technologies, the company has developed optimized cell lines from various species, including cow, pig, chicken, and fish. This technological prowess has not gone unnoticed. Simple Planet has garnered international acclaim, clinching awards and securing top positions in prestigious competitions and challenges worldwide, from Asia to the United States and Europe.

Strategic Growth and Market Expansion

Beyond technological innovation, Simple Planet is keen on expanding its market reach. The launch of Balboa Kitchen, a brand dedicated to bringing cell-based alternative ingredients to consumers, exemplifies the company's strategy to impact consumer choices and foster a sustainable food ecosystem directly. CEO Dominic Ildoo Jeong's excitement about the recent funding and the company's future direction is palpable. His vision extends to accelerating research and collaborations that will not only perfect the product but also ensure its global accessibility and acceptance.

Fostering Collaboration for Global Reach

Simple Planet's strategic partnerships, like those with IRIS Lab and Plug and Play, highlight the company's commitment to open innovation and collaboration. By joining forces with leading accelerators and bio food tech clusters, Simple Planet is not just developing a product but nurturing an ecosystem that supports sustainable and ethical food production at a global scale.

A New Horizon in Food Technology

As Simple Planet marches towards achieving significant milestones in process development, food ingredient approvals, and global market entry, the implications for the food industry and beyond are profound. The company's success in securing oversubscribed funding in a challenging investment climate is a clear indication of the industry's readiness for transformation. Simple Planet's journey from an ambitious startup to a potential global leader in food technology is a narrative of innovation, sustainability, and the relentless pursuit of a better future for our planet.


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