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The Perfect Partnership: Perfect Day and Breyers Unveil a New Era of Sustainable Indulgence

Breyers Lactose Free Ice cream with Perfect Day
Breyers Lactose Free Ice cream with Perfect Day

In a collaboration that marks a significant milestone in the food industry, Perfect Day, the pioneer in precision fermentation technology, has joined forces with Unilever’s iconic ice cream brand, Breyers, to introduce a new product: Breyers Lactose-Free Chocolate made with Perfect Day’s animal-free dairy protein. This partnership not only heralds a new chapter in the storied history of Breyers, a household name since 1866, but also showcases the potential of modern biotechnology to create sustainable, delicious alternatives that cater to evolving consumer preferences.

A Creamy Revolution

The Breyers Lactose-Free Chocolate ice cream, now available in a generous 48-ounce tub nationwide, is poised to change the way we think about dessert. By leveraging Perfect Day’s innovative dairy protein, produced through precision fermentation, this new offering delivers all the rich, creamy texture and taste that Breyers is famous for, without lactose or cholesterol. It's an indulgence designed for everyone, offering the classic Breyers chocolate experience with none of the dietary restrictions and a considerably smaller environmental footprint.

Environmental and Nutritional Benefits

Perfect Day’s whey protein is identical to the protein found in traditional dairy, ensuring that the ice cream retains the beloved flavor and texture of conventional Breyers products. However, the method of production is vastly different and far kinder to our planet. According to an ISO-compliant life cycle assessment, Perfect Day’s fermentation process slashes blue water consumption by up to 99%, greenhouse gas emissions by up to 97%, and non-renewable energy use by up to 60% compared to traditional dairy production methods. This significant reduction in environmental impact is a testament to the potential of biotechnology in creating sustainable food solutions.

A Shared Vision for a Greener Tomorrow

The collaboration between Perfect Day and Breyers is not just about bringing a new product to the market; it's a reflection of a shared commitment to sustainability and innovation. TM Narayan, CEO of Perfect Day, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the alignment with Unilever in striving for a "kinder, greener tomorrow." Similarly, Lisa Vortsman, Chief Marketing Officer for Unilever Ice Cream North America, highlighted the importance of meeting consumer demand for alternative ice creams that don’t compromise on taste or quality.

Expanding Horizons

This launch is part of Perfect Day’s broader mission to revolutionize the food industry through sustainable innovation. With a recent $350 million Series D funding round, co-led by Temasek and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Perfect Day is set to deepen its foray into biological engineering, ingredient innovation, and consumer products. The company, which has already made waves in the food technology sector since its founding in 2014, is expanding its influence beyond dairy alternatives, venturing into "enterprise biology" with its business unit, nth Bio, aimed at offering technology development services for sustainable and scalable solutions.


The partnership between Perfect Day and Breyers signifies more than just the launch of a new ice cream product; it represents a bold step forward in the journey towards sustainable food production. By blending Breyers’ rich heritage with Perfect Day’s cutting-edge technology, this collaboration not only meets the current demands of consumers but also sets a new standard for environmental responsibility in the food industry. As Perfect Day continues to expand its impact and explore new frontiers in food technology, it reinforces its role as a key player in shaping the future of sustainable eating and the dairy industry at large.


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