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Tierra Biosciences Closes $11.4M Series A to Revolutionize Protein Synthesis with AI-Guided Cell-Free Technology

Courtesy of Tierra Biosciences
Courtesy of Tierra Biosciences


In a landmark development for biotechnology, Tierra Biosciences has announced the successful closure of an $11.4 million Series A funding round. The investment, led by Material Impact and supported by a consortium of new and existing investors, heralds a new era of protein synthesis. Tierra, known for pioneering the world's first predictive AI-guided cell-free technology platform, is set to transform the custom protein synthesis landscape, offering high-throughput, on-demand services that transcend traditional methods.

A New Frontier in Protein Engineering

Protein engineering has long been constrained by the limitations of living cell-based production systems—sluggish, inefficient, and data-poor processes that hamper innovation and discovery. Tierra's groundbreaking cell-free protein production platform emerges as a game-changer, eliminating these barriers. This approach enables rapid synthesis of custom proteins, facilitating quicker screening, discovery, and scale-up for downstream development and pilot projects.

Michael Nemzek, CEO of Tierra, articulates the transformative potential of their technology: "Tierra’s cell-free protein production platform will change the game, powering our customers’ discovery efforts with rapid access to large numbers of discrete custom proteins."

Innovative Use of AI and Expanding Horizons

At the heart of Tierra's platform is the innovative application of artificial intelligence, leveraging a vast data lake generated from synthesizing thousands of proteins. This predictive AI framework optimizes the manufacturing process, pushing the boundaries of protein synthesis beyond natural limitations and opening up new possibilities for discovery and application.

The Series A funding will significantly boost Tierra's capacity to expand its reach, catering to a broader spectrum of customers and partners within the pharmaceutical, industrial, and agricultural sectors. The investment underscores the confidence in Tierra's ability to lead the way in developing critical bio-infrastructure and to accelerate the protein design-build-test-learn cycles crucial for industry advancement.

Backing from Leading Investors

The round drew participation from a diverse group of investors, including Prosus Ventures, In-Q-Tel (IQT), Hillspire, Freeflow Ventures, Creative Ventures, and Social Capital. Their collective support reflects a shared vision for the potential of Tierra's technology to revolutionize protein synthesis and its applications across various industries.

Corinna Chen, Partner at Material Impact, praised Tierra's approach: "Tierra's platform propels innovation in the bioeconomy by eliminating bottlenecks in protein discovery and manufacturing... promising not only to reshape the landscape of protein synthesis but also to revolutionize entire industries."

Chenny Zhang, Principal of Investments at IQT, also highlighted the transformative impact of Tierra's technology: "The ability to play a key role in building critical bio-infrastructure... will be a transformative acceleration of protein design-build-test-learn cycles within the industry."


Tierra Biosciences' successful Series A funding round marks a significant milestone in the biotechnology sector, setting the stage for the company to lead the charge in revolutionizing protein synthesis. By leveraging AI-guided cell-free technology, Tierra is poised to unlock new potentials in the bio-economy, paving the way for innovations that could reshape industries and drive forward the frontiers of science and medicine.


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