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Unibio Secures $70M Investment Partnership with SIIG

Sustainable protein company Unibio announced that it has signed an investment agreement of roughly $70 million from the Saudi Industrial Investment Group (SIIG). This investment will be used towards helping Unibio reach its goal of providing food security for the world's steadily growing population in an eco-friendly way. With the new funds, Unibio will expand its production output, increase operating efficiency, and speed up its rate of innovation and industrialization, all with the mission of ensuring everyone's access to nutritional food.

Unibio's U-Loop® technology allows for the industrial production of protein, improving food security and providing a sustainable answer to feeding the ever-increasing populations without stressing arable land or relying heavily on water usage. This method mimics nature's natural process and draws from methane sources such as biogas or natural gas. Moreover, Uniprotein® production is not severely impacted by weather disruptions, making it an efficient and reliable way to source protein.

Uniprotein® has gained approval for feed in the European Union, with global registrations in progress. This protein delivers nutritionally superior benefits to fishmeal and other high-quality proteins, as seen through various successful tests on aqua and animal species. Not only is Uniprotein® free from pesticides, but it is also traceable and non-GMO. The commercial launch of this product is generating widespread interest from feed compound companies and livestock/fish farmers alike. In addition, Unibio is developing the production of this protein for direct human consumption.

Unibio's CEO, David Henstrom, commented: "We are delighted to welcome SIIG as a significant investor in Unibio. Their investment will enable us to play a pivotal role in meeting our customers' sustainable protein needs. Unibio's technology will improve food security and speed up the process of feeding the world sustainably. We are pleased that SIIG shares our ambition of providing food security for the world's growing population and helping stop hunger (#SDG2)."



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