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Vivici Aims for 2024 U.S. Launch of Animal-Free Dairy Whey Protein Following Successful Scale-Up

The Dutch-based B2B Ingredients Company is Poised to Revolutionize the Food and Beverage Sector

Dutch B2B ingredients company Vivici has announced a significant milestone in its journey to produce animal-free dairy proteins. Having successfully scaled up its platform to manufacture beta-lactoglobulin, the primary whey protein in dairy, the company is seeking U.S. regulatory approval with an eye toward a 2024 market launch.

Transformative Dairy Alternative

Vivici's precision-fermented beta-lactoglobulin aims to provide a superior nutritional and textural alternative to conventional dairy proteins. The company asserts that beta-lactoglobulin's unique properties, such as gelling, foaming, and emulsification, offer enhanced mouthfeel and texture for a wide range of food and beverage applications.

Strategic Location and Collaborations

Operating from its headquarters at the Biotech Campus Delft and maintaining a dairy protein application lab in the Food Valley at NIZO food research, Vivici benefits from the advanced scaling-up facilities and favorable investment environment in the Netherlands. While specific applications remain under wraps, the company confirms it's ready to support B2B customers' formulation needs.

The path to U.S. approval for Vivici has been previously trodden by U.S.-based Perfect Day and Israel’s Remilk, both of which specialize in precision-fermented dairy proteins. Vivici CEO Stephan van Sint Fiet expressed optimism about their timeline: “We are certainly on track, if not slightly ahead. We can now provide food-grade sample material for evaluation to potential customers.”

Vivici was unveiled last year as a joint venture between venture backer DSM-Firmenich Venturing and New Zealand dairy titan Fonterra. Fonterra, responsible for 30% of the world’s dairy exports, provides an indicator of the industry’s substantial market potential. According to the Good Food Institute, nearly $4 billion has been invested in the fermentation sector, with at least 136 companies currently active in the arena.

Environmental Impact

Animal-free proteins such as Vivici’s could drastically reduce environmental footprints. A life-cycle assessment by Perfect Day revealed that their animal-free whey protein has 91-97% lower greenhouse gas emissions and significantly reduced water and energy consumption compared to traditional whey protein.

A recent survey by Perfect Day in partnership with the Hartman Group and Cargill found that 77% of U.S. adults familiar with precision fermentation are likely to purchase such products, underlining the market potential for Vivici upon gaining U.S. regulatory approval.


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