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Fonterra and DSM Back Precision Fermentation Startup Vivici

In the vast ecosystem of startups seeking innovative solutions to the world's pressing needs, Vivici B.V. stands out. Recently, the Netherlands-based company made headlines by successfully closing its seed funding round. It's a clear sign that the global community is ready to embrace sustainable, nutritious, and flavorsome proteins that aren't derived from animals.

The Rise in Global Protein Demand

By 2050, the demand for protein is projected to double. This presents a formidable challenge: current methods of protein production, reliant mainly on traditional agriculture, may not scale sustainably to meet this rising demand. The need for alternative, sustainable sources of protein has never been more pressing. This is where companies like Vivici B.V. come in.

The Vivici Distinction

Harnessing the power of precision fermentation, Vivici aims to bring animal-free dairy proteins to the global market. With the backing of strategic founding investors such as DSM-Firmenich Venturing and Fonterra, their venture is fortified by credible and potent foundations.

Vivici's mastery isn't just in its cutting-edge technology. They possess unparalleled expertise in the isolation and application of dairy proteins, having built on decades of experience in developing and scaling bioprocesses. Their fermentation-produced dairy proteins are not just an alternative; they offer functional benefits in a multitude of applications. True to their mission, Vivici's experts are steadfast in their goal: to deliver tasty, nutritious, and environmentally friendly foods to consumers worldwide.

Industry Voices Weigh In

Komal Mistry-Mehta, the Chief Innovation & Brand Officer at Fonterra, encapsulated the excitement surrounding this venture: "Vivici represents the convergence of DSM-Firmenich's top-tier precision fermentation knowledge and Fonterra's unparalleled expertise in dairy science and technology." This collaboration is in line with Fonterra's vision to spearhead dairy innovation and science.

Pieter Wolters, the Managing Director of DSM-Firmenich Venturing, shared his enthusiasm about being a foundational investor in Vivici B.V., lauding their robust technological and application groundwork over the years. Now, as an agile startup, Vivici is perfectly poised to redefine the industry.

A Hub of Innovation

The Biotech Campus Delft in the Netherlands, where Vivici's headquarters are located, and the Food Valley at NIZO food research, which houses their dairy protein application lab, are renowned centers of technological prowess. The Netherlands itself is a hotspot for innovation, offering an unparalleled blend of knowledge, state-of-the-art facilities, and a thriving talent pool. It's no wonder it presents such a lucrative investment climate.

Leading with Vision

Stephan van Sint Fiet, Vivici's CEO, voiced his excitement about this journey, highlighting the seasoned team at the company's helm. With their collective expertise, Vivici is set to evolve into a stalwart in precision fermentation, shaping a resilient food system for the future.

In light of this, it's also notable how these corporate giants' involvement with Vivici isn't an isolated move. Fonterra recently showcased its corporate ventures arm, Nutrition Science Solutions, investing in other promising ventures like Pendulum. Moreover, DSM-Firmenich Venturing's investment in Meatable, another Dutch food-tech startup, reinforces the robust growth potential in the sustainable food sector.

In Conclusion

The journey of Vivici B.V. embodies a collective dream - to create a world where nutritious food is produced sustainably, efficiently, and tastefully. With the momentum they've garnered and the unwavering support from industry leaders, Vivici B.V. is undoubtedly on the path to reshaping the future of food.


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