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Voyage Foods Secures Funding to Reinvent Coffee and Chocolate with Tech

Courtesy of Voyage Foods
Courtesy of Voyage Foods

Oakland-based startup Voyage Foods has secured nearly $22 million in fresh funding, as revealed by a recent SEC filing. This funding round, with the potential to grow to $30 million, underscores the company's innovative approach to producing staple foods like chocolate, peanut butter, and coffee without their traditional marquee ingredients.

A New Wave in Food Technology

Voyage Foods stands at the forefront of a food technology revolution, creating products that mimic the taste and texture of beloved foods but are made without the key ingredients typically associated with them. Their work in producing coffee and chocolate without the actual beans is not just a culinary curiosity; it's a response to the growing challenges in global agriculture, including climate change, supply chain issues, and sustainability concerns.

Impact on the Industry and Sustainable Practices

The approach taken by Voyage Foods could have profound implications for the food industry. By creating alternatives to bean-based products, the company offers a solution to the vulnerability of crops like cocoa and coffee to climate change and disease. This innovation could ensure the availability of these staples in the face of environmental challenges, while also reducing the ecological footprint associated with their traditional cultivation and production.

Previous Funding and Market Position

Prior to this latest funding round, Voyage Foods had been steadily gaining attention for its unique approach to food production. The new investment significantly bolsters their position in the market, enabling further research and development, and potentially accelerating the commercialization of their products. This influx of capital reflects investor confidence in the viability and demand for sustainable and innovative food solutions.

Voyage Foods' Vision for the Future

Voyage Foods aims to revolutionize the way we think about and consume staple foods. By removing key ingredients like coffee beans and cocoa from the equation, they are not only addressing environmental and supply chain concerns but also opening up new possibilities for food production. Their technology can cater to those with allergies or dietary restrictions, offering alternatives that were previously unimaginable.


The nearly $22 million in new funding for Voyage Foods marks a significant moment in the food industry. This investment recognizes the potential of technology to transform our approach to food production and consumption, making it more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive. As the company continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, it sets a new standard for what the future of food can look like, benefiting both the industry and consumers alike.


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