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WNWN Food Labs Introduces Cocoa-Free Chocolate for the Wholesale Market

Innovative Solution for the Growing Chocolate Demand

In a groundbreaking development, WNWN Food Labs, a pioneer in cocoa-free chocolate, has announced the launch of wholesale packs of its dark and plant-based m•lk chocolate. This significant move targets bakeries, restaurant/foodservice sectors, confectionery groups, and CPG/FMCG companies globally, offering a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional chocolate.

Product Features and Applications

WNWN’s chocolate, available in both dark and m•lk varieties, is designed to mimic the characteristics of conventional chocolate closely. These varieties come in easy-melt button forms, packaged in 1.5kg pouches, 10kg packs, and larger pallets, catering to diverse business needs. The chocolates boast similar snap, melting properties, texture, viscosity, and temper curves to traditional chocolate, making them a seamless substitute in a range of applications from frozen to baked goods.

The Urgent Need for Sustainable Alternatives

The global chocolate market, valued at $186 billion in 2022, is projected to reach $312 billion by 2030. However, the existing supply chain and production systems are strained, often leading to environmental damage and unethical practices. WNWN’s chocolates, with their eco-friendly and ethical production methods, come as a timely solution. They are dairy-free, palm oil-free, caffeine-free, and devoid of child/slave labor, deforestation, or excessive carbon emissions. With a significantly lower carbon footprint, these chocolates align with the growing emphasis on sustainability in the food industry.

A Milestone for B2B Efficiency and Sustainability

Dr. Johnny Drain, CTO of WNWN, emphasizes the importance of their bulk wholesale products in meeting the needs of B2B customers efficiently. The company is already ahead of schedule in producing and shipping large volumes to international partners, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and reduced carbon footprints in the food industry.

Strategic Partnerships and Global Outreach

WNWN has formed partnerships across the UK and EU, including a joint development agreement with Martin Braun-Gruppe, a leading supplier in the bakery and confectionery sectors. Furthermore, the company is engaging with global food manufacturers like Mondelēz and addressing broader issues in the cocoa industry.

The Larger Context

The cocoa industry is under increasing scrutiny for environmental and human rights concerns. Legislative actions in the EU and the U.S., alongside corporate challenges like those faced by Starbucks, highlight the urgency for sustainable alternatives. Additionally, the vulnerability of cocoa crops to climate change and rising prices further underscore the need for innovative solutions like those offered by WNWN.


WNWN Food Labs is setting a new standard in the chocolate industry with its cocoa-free, sustainable, and ethically produced chocolate varieties. As the market for chocolate continues to grow, WNWN’s innovations offer a promising path forward for the industry, combining environmental responsibility with high-quality products.



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