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50CUT by Mush Foods: Revolutionizing the Meat Industry with Mycelium-Based Blends

Courtesy of Mush Foods - 50CUT
Courtesy of Mush Foods - 50CUT

Tel Aviv-based Mush Foods has launched its new product, 50CUT, in the U.S. market. This range of mycelium-based blends, developed for restaurants and foodservice providers, is designed to reduce meat content in dishes while maintaining taste and texture. Mush Foods has entered into a partnership with Pat LaFrieda, a well-known meat supplier in the U.S., to introduce this sustainable option for meat reduction to the food industry.

Mush Foods operates with a clear and ambitious mission - to halve global meat consumption. Their strategy focuses on a B2B approach, providing solutions directly to restaurants and food services rather than targeting end consumers. Utilizing upcycled waste products as substrates, Mush Foods develops mycelium blends that not only reduce meat usage but also enhance the nutritional profile and environmental impact of culinary creations.

The Power of Partnership: Mush Foods and Pat LaFrieda

The collaboration between Mush Foods and Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors marks a significant milestone for the company. The partnership has given birth to the LaFrieda 50CUT Burger, a 50-50 blend of premium ground beef and a rich mix of mushrooms including oyster, trumpet, shiitake, and lion’s mane.

This partnership leverages LaFrieda's longstanding reputation for quality and innovation, introducing a product that meets the high standards of restaurants nationwide.

The LaFrieda 50CUT Burger is designed to appeal to meat lovers and environmental enthusiasts alike. By blending beef with flavorful mushrooms, the burger maintains the juicy, meaty experience consumers expect while incorporating the umami-rich, nutrient-enhanced benefits of mushrooms. This product caters to the taste buds and addresses the growing consumer demand for sustainable food options.

Impact on the Restaurant Industry

Mush Foods' entry into the U.S. market is timely, as the demand for sustainable and healthy food options is on the rise. Nearly one in four Americans is actively trying to reduce meat consumption, making 50CUT an attractive option for restaurants looking to diversify their menu and cater to health-conscious consumers. By integrating 50CUT blends, chefs can enhance their dishes' flavor, juiciness, and yield while also cutting costs and being climate-friendly.

In fact, the environmental benefits of reducing meat consumption are well-documented, ranging from lower greenhouse gas emissions to reduced water and land use. The 50CUT blends by Mush Foods offer an effective way for the food industry to contribute to these sustainability goals. Additionally, the enhanced nutritional profile of the blends helps in addressing the health concerns associated with high meat consumption.

Market Readiness and Future Prospects

Mush Foods has already demonstrated its market readiness through significant achievements, including securing $6.2 million in seed funding and winning the Grow-NY Food and Agriculture Business Competition. These accomplishments highlight the company's potential and readiness to make a substantial impact in the food industry.

Mush Foods’ 50CUT product line represents a major innovation in the foodservice industry, offering a sustainable and tasty alternative to traditional meat dishes. With its strategic partnership with Pat LaFrieda and a strong commitment to environmental and health standards, Mush Foods is poised to lead a significant shift in how restaurants approach meat consumption, making a lasting impact on the industry and the planet.


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