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Actual Veggies Continues to Lead the Plant-Based Protein Industry with Launch at Whole Foods Market

Actual Veggies, the innovative veggie-packed burger brand that has been reshaping the plant-based protein industry, is taking a major step forward with its latest frozen innovations. The brand is announcing the launch of two new frozen options—the Black Bean Veggie Burger and the Super Greens Veggie Burger—at select Whole Foods Market stores across the nation.

Founded in 2020, Actual Veggies quickly gained attention when it appeared on QVC, resulting in a remarkable sell-out of $75,000 worth of products in just under eight minutes. The brand's online presence continued to grow, and it expanded into major chains, achieving over $1 million in revenue during its first year. With consistent annual revenue doubling, Actual Veggies garnered the attention of prominent investors, raising an impressive $5 million in funding to date. Among the notable investors are Electric Feel Ventures, the venture capital firm of Post Malone's management, Big Idea Ventures, Vanterra, New Fare Partners, former Whole Foods Market Co-CEO Walter Robb, Hannah Bronfman, and professional soccer player Kieran Gibbs, among others.

Despite a decline in the popularity of imitation meats over the past year, Actual Veggies experienced a remarkable 338.2% growth, establishing itself as one of the leading brands in the frozen and refrigerated plant-based meat burger category in the Natural Channel¹. The brand's remarkable growth and robust investor support have led to significant advancements, including venturing into the freezer category, unveiling a brand refresh, and expanding distribution into Whole Foods Market. With the new retail launch, Actual Veggies products are now available in over 2,600 stores.

Hailey Swartz, Co-Founder of Actual Veggies, expressed her excitement about the brand's rapid growth, saying, "Three years ago, we had an idea with big dreams. With the support of our consumers and investors, we are eager to continue leading the charge in redefining the plant-based protein industry, offering clean-ingredient, veggie-packed burgers."

As part of its expansion, Actual Veggies has introduced refreshed packaging and new product names across its entire line, along with a revitalized logo. The brand's new boxes, containing four conveniently wrapped patties, will be available in the freezer aisle of Whole Foods Market stores. The vibrant and eye-catching packaging highlights the main ingredient and flavor profile of each burger. Additionally, Actual Veggies' products can still be found in a two-pack tray at select retailers in the refrigerated section.

Jason Rosenbaum, Co-Founder of Actual Veggies, emphasized the significance of the nationwide launch at Whole Foods Market stores, stating, "It's incredible to see how these burgers have soared in popularity, even amidst a downturn in the plant-based category. By making our veggie burgers available to a wider audience, we take an exciting step forward in our goal of offering more nutritious and flavorful burger options that incorporate fresh farm-grown vegetables."

With its continued expansion and commitment to delivering wholesome, delicious, and innovative plant-based products, Actual Veggies is well on its way to becoming a major player in the ever-growing plant-based protein industry. As consumer demand for healthier and sustainable food options rises, Actual Veggies is perfectly positioned to meet the needs of conscious eaters and shape the future of plant-based protein.


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