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Beyond Vegan Chicken: VFG's Strategy and Vision with the TOFUTOWN Acquisition

Courtesy of the Vegan Food Group
Courtesy of the Vegan Food Group

The Vegan Food Group (VFG), previously known as VFC (Vegan Fried Chick*n), has emerged as a significant force in the plant-based food industry through strategic acquisitions and rebranding. With the recent acquisition of TOFUTOWN, a German producer renowned for its organic and vegetarian products, VFG is poised to become one of Europe's largest plant-based manufacturers. TOFUTOWN, celebrated for its array of vegan products such as curry sausages, power steaks, and various vegan spreads, represents a pivotal addition to VFG's portfolio, enhancing its product diversity and strengthening its position in the market.

Under the leadership of co-founder Matthew Glover, VFG has adopted a vision reminiscent of a "vegan Unilever," focusing on sustainable and ethical food choices while supporting animal charities and diet change initiatives. By integrating brands like Meatless Farm and Clive’s Purely Plants, VFG has significantly expanded its product offerings to include 80 SKUs across 21,000 distribution points. This consolidation not only streamlines operations but also fosters innovation, setting new industry benchmarks.

VFG's strategy mirrors that of global food giants, emphasizing consolidation for cost efficiencies and a robust market presence. With a commitment to eliminating animals from the food system and ensuring vegan food is accessible to everyone, VFG is well-positioned to capitalize on market conditions and drive growth in the UK and Europe.

The acquisition of TOFUTOWN is particularly noteworthy due to its long-standing reputation for producing high-quality, organic vegan products. This move signifies VFG's dedication to diversifying its product range and enhancing its offerings to meet the growing demand for plant-based foods. TOFUTOWN's product line, featuring organic, vegan-friendly options like vegan curry sausages and avocado spreads, aligns with VFG's mission to provide sustainable and ethical food choices.

In summary, VFG's strategic acquisitions, including TOFUTOWN, and its vision to act as a "vegan Unilever," underscore its ambition to lead the plant-based sector. By uniting multiple brands under one roof, VFG aims to improve efficiency, innovation, and supply chain operations, thereby making a significant impact on the plant-based food industry. The group's commitment to sustainability, ethical food choices, and support for animal welfare initiatives positions it as a transformative leader in the market, with a bright future ahead.


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