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Big Idea Ventures Launches Nexture Bio Through Generation Food Rural Partners Fund

Big Idea Ventures, one of the world's most active agrifood tech investors, has launched its third portfolio company, Nexture Bio, through the Generation Food Rural Partners Fund.

Nexture Bio: Pioneering in Alternative Meat Technologies

Nexture Bio, specializing in biomaterial technologies, is at the forefront of developing novel methods to advance alternative meat products. The Company’s focus is on scaffolding technologies that enable the creation of three-dimensional alternative meat products. These technologies are instrumental in making alternative meats that closely resemble whole cuts of traditional meat, a significant leap in the alternative protein industry.

A Mission to Address Protein Demands

According to Frank Klemens, Managing Director of the GFRP Fund, the mission of Nexture Bio is aligned with the pressing global need for additional protein sources to feed the growing human population. The company's groundbreaking structuring technologies, which are either edible or absent in the final product, represent a major innovation in the cultivated meats industry. Klemens emphasizes that the GFRP Fund’s mandate is to create companies that provide solutions to challenging areas in food and agriculture, and Nexture Bio is poised to meet these challenges with its innovative technologies and consumer-focused approach.

Sustainable Protein Production for a Growing Population

Nexture is committed to enhancing the protein experience and expanding protein offerings to sustainably feed the world. The company’s platform is crucial for producing cultivated meat, as it provides a necessary structure for cells to organize, grow, and differentiate. This capability allows cultivated meat suppliers to better meet the specific needs of their markets and products.

Leadership and Strategic Partnerships

Teryn Wolfe, with over 15 years of experience at the intersection of business, social impact, environmental protection, and academia, has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Nexture Bio. Wolfe, who previously led Matrix Food Technologies, brings a wealth of knowledge in enabling technologies for the alternative protein industry. She believes that focusing on enabling technologies, like extracellular matrices or scaffolds, is crucial for the continued progress and achievement of industry-wide goals in cultivated meat production.

Nexture Bio has also engaged Eric Schulze and his firm GoodHumans Strategy & Design for consultative services. Schulze, an advocate for cultivated meat as a necessary addition to the modern food supply chain, is excited to assist Nexture Bio in developing and producing cultivated meat scaffolds and next-generation products.

The GFRP Fund’s Investment Approach

The GFRP Fund is dedicated to evaluating and investing in intellectual property focused on innovations in agriculture, food, and complementary protein sectors. It aims to create new companies around research with high potential for broad commercialization. These companies, headquartered in rural communities, are envisioned to create living wage jobs, driving economic growth and development in these areas.


The launch of Nexture Bio by Big Idea Ventures is a significant milestone in the alternative protein sector. The company’s innovative approach to biomaterial technologies and its focus on creating sustainable, high-quality meat alternatives align with the growing global demand for environmentally friendly and ethical protein sources. With strategic leadership and partnerships, Nexture Bio is well-positioned to make a substantial impact in the cultivated meat industry, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient global food production system.


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