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Canada Invests in Pioneering Plant-Based Salmon: A Milestone for Sustainable Food Innovation

Protein Industries Canada has announced a groundbreaking investment into the development of a whole-muscle cut of plant-based salmon, marking a significant step forward in sustainable food technology. This project, the first under their second mandate, involves a collaboration among New School Foods, Liven Proteins, and NuWave Research, aiming to revolutionize the plant-based food market.

A Revolutionary Product for the Canadian Market

The new plant-based salmon product, the first of its kind, promises to mimic the taste and texture of traditional seafood. This innovative alternative is set to transform from raw to cooked, offering a unique culinary experience. With an investment of $11.4 million dedicated to research and development, the project aims to commercialize this revolutionary product, with Protein Industries Canada contributing over $4.5 million and the consortium partners funding the rest.

Government Support and Sustainable Food Solutions

The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, expressed the government's support for this initiative, highlighting its role in expanding sustainable and nutritious options for Canadians. This project aligns with the growing demand for high-quality plant-based alternatives, both domestically and globally.

Collaborative Innovation at Its Best

The project exemplifies collaborative innovation, building off intellectual property (IP) generated in the first project by New School Foods and Liven Proteins. With the addition of new partners and their IP, this collaboration is creating new technology leading to a premier, commercial, first-to-market product.

Technological Contributions of the Consortium Partners

  • New School Foods will utilize its newly developed production technology to create the plant-based salmon fillet.

  • Liven Proteins is working on developing animal-free collagen through precision fermentation, enhancing the functional and nutritional benefits of the salmon alternative.

  • NuWave Research contributes with its core vacuum microwave technology, improving production efficiency for New School Foods and other applications.

The Economic and Environmental Impact

This investment and the resulting product represent a significant advancement in the plant-based food sector. By offering a sustainable alternative to traditional seafood, this project addresses critical environmental concerns like overfishing and the carbon footprint associated with animal farming. Moreover, the development of this product is expected to create new opportunities in the Canadian food industry, fostering innovation and potentially leading to job creation.

Canada's Commitment to Plant-Based Innovation

Protein Industries Canada, as one of Canada's five Global Innovation Clusters, has been a driving force in plant-based food innovation since 2018. With nearly half a billion dollars invested in plant-based food, feed, and ingredients innovation, along with an additional $150 million in funding received in February 2023, Canada is positioning itself as a leader in sustainable food solutions.


The development of plant-based salmon by Protein Industries Canada and its partners is more than just a technological achievement; it represents a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the future of food. As consumers increasingly seek environmentally friendly and healthy food options, this project paves the way for more sustainable dietary choices and positions Canada at the forefront of the global shift towards plant-based eating.


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