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Chunk Foods Secures $7.5 Million Investment with Sigma Alimentos Partnership

Chunk Foods Steak
Chunk Foods Steak

U.S.-based plant-based meat alternatives producer, Chunk Foods, has garnered investment from the Mexican meat and dairy giant, Sigma Alimentos. This strategic partnership marks a significant step in Chunk Foods' expansion into the Latin American market, particularly in Mexico. Although the exact amount of Sigma's investment remains undisclosed, the collaboration is set to revolutionize the plant-based food sector.

The Collaboration: Crafting Plant-Based Delicacies

Chunk Foods and Sigma Alimentos are joining forces to develop an innovative range of plant-based whole-cut meats. The initiative aligns with evolving consumer preferences for healthier, sustainable, and ethical food choices. This collaboration is not just about expanding a product line; it's about redefining the culinary landscape with plant-based options that don't compromise on taste or texture.

Distribution and Market Entry

Initially, the co-branded plant-based products will be launched in select restaurants in Mexico City and Monterrey, marking Chunk Foods' foray into the vibrant Latin American plant-based foods market. This strategic entry is a significant move, considering the increasing demand for plant-based foods in the region.

Technological Edge: Fermentation-Based Meat Alternatives

Chunk Foods stands out with its use of fermentation technology to produce plant-based meat whole-cut replacements. Their portfolio boasts a variety of products, including a four-ounce whole-cut steak, a six-ounce steakhouse cut, and a shredded beef alternative. With a subsidiary in Israel and headquartered in New York, Chunk Foods is well-positioned to leverage its technological prowess in this collaboration.

The Better Balance Vision

Helio Castaño, Vice President for Sigma's global plant-based business, underlines the mission of Better Balance, Sigma’s plant-based arm, in meeting consumer demands for taste, texture, transparency, and ease of preparation. This partnership with Chunk Foods is expected to explore new premium alternatives that align with this vision.

Financial Backing and Future Plans

Following the closure of Chunk Foods’ $7.5 million seed funding round, led by Californian VC fund Cheyenne Ventures, the company's total seed funding has reached an impressive $22 million. To date, Chunk Foods has raised $24 million, with investors including Cheyenne, Sigma, Fall Line Capital, Key1 Capital, E14 Fund, and the Footprint Coalition.

The company plans to utilize these funds to expand its commercial and operations teams in the U.S., increase local distribution partnerships, and boost manufacturing capacity. These steps are crucial for meeting growing demand and supporting their expansion across the United States.

Anticipated Growth and Market Presence

Amos Golan, founder and CEO of Chunk Foods, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Better Balance and the potential to elevate the plant-based category in Mexico. With an expected business revenue exceeding $10 million in the next 12 months, Chunk Foods' products are already featured in over 30 fine dining and casual restaurants across seven U.S. states.

Sigma Alimentos: A Multinational Powerhouse

Sigma Alimentos, headquartered in San Pedro, Mexico, is a global food processing powerhouse operating in 18 countries. With 66 manufacturing facilities and over 45,000 employees, Sigma's product range spans from plant-based and frozen foods to dairy goods, dry meats, and fresh meats. The company’s recent acquisition of Los Altos Food Products, a Hispanic cheese and cream producer, underlines its commitment to diversifying its portfolio.

Conclusion: A Pioneering Partnership

This partnership between Chunk Foods and Sigma Alimentos is more than a business transaction; it represents a pivotal moment in the food industry. As consumers increasingly seek sustainable and ethical food choices, collaborations like this pave the way for a future where plant-based options are not only accessible but also appealing in taste and quality. With their combined expertise and resources, Chunk Foods and Sigma Alimentos are set to make significant strides in the plant-based food market, both in the Americas and globally.


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