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CULT Food Science Revolutionizes Pet Nutrition with New Cell-Cultivated Brand Marina Cat™

In a remarkable stride towards redefining pet nutrition and environmental responsibility, CULT Food Science has unveiled Marina Cat™, an innovative hybrid cell-cultivated pet food brand developed in partnership with Umami Bioworks. As a trailblazer in cellular agriculture technologies and products, CULT Food Science introduces a revolutionary approach to feline nutrition, combining ocean snapper cultivated by Singapore-based biotech startup Umami Bioworks with the proprietary Bmmune® formula. The result is a high-protein, low-calorie cat treat infused with super savory umami flavors that cats adore, offering a feast for their taste buds and nourishing their overall well-being.

Marina Cat™ is not merely another cat treat—it's a groundbreaking fusion of scientific innovation, nutritional excellence, and environmental consciousness. The foundation of this pioneering product lies in the blend of ocean snapper, cultivated through cellular agriculture techniques, and enriched with Bmmune® to create a nutritional powerhouse. This combination not only appeals to feline palates but also delivers essential benefits to cognitive function. With its robust concentration of omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acid chains, the treat possesses the potential to enhance brain, vision, and nervous system development in cats and kittens. The presence of DHA and EPA, integral components in these fatty acid chains, further underscores the treat's role in promoting feline cognitive health.

One of the notable challenges in pet nutrition, particularly for obligate carnivores like cats, is the dependence on animal products to fulfill their nutritional needs. Traditional pet foods, often reliant on fish, contribute to the strain on global fish supplies. In fact, studies estimate that the cat food industry's utilization of raw fishery products amounts to a staggering 2.48 million metric tonnes annually. Marina Cat™ addresses this ecological concern by offering all the nutritional benefits of animal-derived sources without the harmful environmental repercussions associated with commercial fishing.

The release of Marina Cat™ heralds a new era in pet food, underlining CULT Food Science's dedication to progressive and sustainable solutions. This pioneering product, set to commence production later this year with widespread availability projected for 2024, marks a watershed moment for the pet food industry—an estimated $150 billion global market. By harnessing the power of cell-cultivated technology, Marina Cat™ sets an unprecedented precedent, showcasing that food production can be revolutionized in ways never previously imagined.

The partnership between CULT Food Science and Umami Bioworks showcases the potential of cross-disciplinary collaboration to drive positive change. By leveraging cutting-edge biotechnology and nutritional science, they've transcended traditional paradigms and introduced a game-changing solution to a global challenge. With Marina Cat™, pet owners can now nourish their feline companions while contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

As the world embraces innovative solutions to address pressing environmental concerns, Marina Cat™ stands as a testament to the boundless potential of science and technology in reshaping industries for the better. CULT Food Science's commitment to fostering pet health, preserving ocean ecosystems, and advancing the field of cellular agriculture is evident in the groundbreaking release of Marina Cat™—a treat that not only delights cats but also sets the stage for a more sustainable future for our beloved animal companions.


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