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Future Food Fund II Closes €40 million to Pioneer Agrifoodtech Investments

Courtesy of Istock
Courtesy of Istock

In an impressive stride toward sustainable innovation in food and agriculture, the Utrecht-based Future Food Fund II (FFF II) has announced closing its funding at €40 million. This milestone underscores the fund's commitment to reshaping food and agriculture systems through impactful investments in Western Europe. Backed by a coalition of impact-driven entrepreneurs and notable entities such as the European Investment Fund (EIF), FFF II is poised to drive transformative change in the agrifood tech sector​​​​​.

A Catalyst for Change

With a strategic focus on regenerative agriculture, zero-impact foods, and circular systems, FFF II aims to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change by investing in Seed & Serie-A companies that pioneer sustainable practices and technologies. The fund's approach aligns perfectly with a growing need for resilient and environmentally friendly food systems, highlighting its role as more than just an investment vehicle but a catalyst for global change​​​.

Strategic Partnerships and Investments

The fund's impactful journey is supported by a €20 million commitment from the EIF, part of the InvestEU program, Risk Capital Resources, and the Dutch Future Fund, showcasing strong confidence in FFF II's vision for a sustainable future. Key investments include EV Biotech, a specialist in precision fermentation, and Extracellular, a scale-up partner for cultivated meat, among others. These investments reflect FFF II's dedication to fostering innovation in the agrifood tech space​​​​​.

Additionally, FFF II has solidified partnerships with prestigious Dutch institutions such as Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Oost NL, and the Northern Netherlands development agency NOM. These collaborations underscore the Netherlands' leadership in agrifood tech and sustainability, providing a robust ecosystem for FFF II's portfolio companies to thrive​​​.

Future Food Fund: Investing in a Sustainable Future

Founded in 2017, the Future Food Fund has established itself as a specialized agrifoodtech venture capital fund, focusing on early-stage investments within Western Europe's food and agriculture sector. The fund's first iteration supported 10 Dutch startups, including NoPalm, Soilwise, and Sensoterra, laying a strong foundation for its subsequent impact-driven endeavors with FFF II​​​.


Future Food Fund II's successful funding round at €40 million marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of a sustainable and resilient food system. By backing innovative startups and leveraging strategic partnerships, FFF II is at the forefront of the agrifood tech revolution, contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet. The fund's commitment to transformative initiatives and its role as a catalyst for change is a testament to the potential of impact investing to address some of the most pressing challenges facing the global food and agriculture systems today.


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