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Future Ocean Foods: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Seafood Alternatives

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Revo Foods

The launch of Future Ocean Foods (FOF) marks a pivotal step in addressing the global seafood industry's sustainability challenges. Headquartered in Halifax, FOF is a newly established global association committed to accelerating clean and food technology solutions in the alternative seafood sector. With 35 member companies spanning 14 countries, including eight Canadian food tech companies, FOF embodies a concerted effort to reshape our global food system into one that is more nutritious, sustainable, and ethical.

The Drive Behind FOF's Launch

FOF’s inception is a direct response to the urgent need for sustainable practices in the seafood industry. The global seafood market, already at peak consumption levels due to preferences for protein-rich diets, is grappling with issues like deforestation, climate change, soil erosion, and biodiversity loss. The alternative seafood sector, part of the larger plant-based food market, has seen substantial growth, with a 92% increase in invested capital and a 42% rise in U.S. retail sales from 2021 to 2022​​.

FOF's Mission and Impact

Marissa Bronfman, founder and executive director of FOF, emphasizes the association's role in building a more sustainable and ethical food system through alternative seafood. FOF aims to increase product trials and market penetration for startups in this sector, focusing on plant-based, fermented and cultivated food technologies as viable seafood substitutes​​.

Member Contributions and Focus

Canadian member companies of FOF are diverse and innovative. For instance, Windsor, Nova Scotia-based Infusd Nutrition has developed technology to make fat-soluble micronutrients water-soluble, while Halifax's Smallfood is creating nutritious, vegan, and sustainable foods using microbial ingredients. Other Canadian members like Algarithm, By2048, Konscious Foods, Mara, Save Da Sea, and Seed To Surf are developing plant-based alternatives for various seafood products, contributing significantly to the industry’s transformation​​.

FOF's Role in Canada's Oceans Supercluster

FOF's Canadian member companies have a notable presence in Atlantic Canada, home to Canada’s Oceans Supercluster. This region is dedicated to accelerating the development and commercialization of ocean-based solutions, aligning with FOF’s objectives to innovate in sustainable seafood alternatives​​.

The Future of FOF

FOF plans to host events connecting startups, investors, government groups, trade associations, traditional seafood companies, and representatives from retail, foodservice, and grocery sectors. This collaborative approach aims to bridge gaps and foster a more sustainable seafood industry.

Complete list of member companies:

Member companies are: Akua (USA), Algarithm (Canada), Aqua Cultured Foods (USA), Atlantic Fish Co. (USA), Avant Meats (Singapore), Bettaf!sh (Germany), Boldly Foods (Australia), By2048 (Canada), Current Foods (USA), FoodSquared (UK), Good Catch (USA), Hooked Foods (Sweden), Impact Food (USA), Infusd Nutrition (Canada), Konscious Foods (Canada), Koralo Foods (South Korea), Loki Foods (Iceland), Mara (Canada), Mindblown by The Plant Based Seafood Co. (USA), Natures Crops (UK), New School Foods (Canada), Ordinary Seafood (Germany), Oshi (Israel), Poseidona (Spain), Revo Foods (Austria), Save Da Sea (Canada), SeaSpire (India), SeaVoir (USA), Seed To Surf (Canada), Simpliigood (Israel), Smallfood (Canada), Sophie’s Bionutrients (The Netherlands), SoundEats (USA), Umami Bioworks (Singapore), Vegan Finest Foods (The Netherlands) and Wicked Kitchen (USA).


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