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Moolec Science Secures $30M in Strategic Agreements: A Leap Towards Sustainable Food Solutions

Moolec Science SA, a pioneer in the realm of molecular farming technology, recently announced a significant capital infusion through strategic agreements. These agreements, involving a convertible note issuance due 2026, were forged with Grupo Insud and Bioceres Crop Solutions, underpinning Moolec's expansive vision in the alternative protein sector.

The Convertible Notes Agreements: Moolec Science SA revealed agreements to issue a convertible note due 2026 to Grupo Insud, amounting to approximately US $21 million. The note will be backed by a cash payment of US $10 million and in-kind contributions from Grupo Insud, encapsulating credits for leveraging Insud's state-of-the-art industrial capabilities, operational services, and a joint venture initiated in 2021. Concurrently, a Memorandum of Understanding with Bioceres Crop Solutions was announced, securing a supply of about 15,000 tons of HB4® soybeans, a figure that might see an upward revision. The soybean supply agreement is also structured around a convertible note issuance, aligning with the terms of the Insud Convertible Note. These convertible notes collectively represent a capital raise of about US $30 million, encompassing cash and in-kind contributions like soybean inventories and operational services​.

Sustainable Agriculture Collaboration: Through the agreement with Bioceres Crop Solutions, Moolec is poised to receive soybeans cultivated under the Generation HB4® program. This program promotes regenerative agricultural practices, minimizing the environmental footprint by reducing water, carbon, and chemical usage. It employs HB4® drought-tolerance technology to facilitate soybean-wheat crop rotations, enhancing agricultural sustainability. The arrangement not only ensures a steady supply of soybeans to Moolec but also underscores a shared vision for environmentally responsible farming practices​.

Strategic Partnerships Forging Ahead: The strategic engagements with Grupo Insud and Bioceres Crop Solutions are pivotal, ushering in key stakeholders who are well-entrenched in the biotech and agri-biotech sectors respectively. Grupo Insud, with its global footprint in innovation-centric industries like pharma and agribusiness, alongside Bioceres Crop Solutions, a forerunner in ag-biotech, are envisaged as instrumental allies for Moolec's journey ahead. The collaborative ethos among these entities is geared towards redefining animal-based food production through innovative strategies, thereby aligning with Moolec’s overarching mission of melding the cost structure of plant-based solutions with the functionality of animal-based products​.

Financial Resilience and Future Endeavors: The capital raise fortifies Moolec's financial standing, enabling an accelerated trajectory towards its commercialization plans and R&D endeavors. The agreements provide Moolec with a financial runway to continue key R&D projects, ensuring ample working capital to advance their commercialization and product development initiatives. Furthermore, the convertible notes offer a flexible financial instrument, allowing Moolec the option to convert these notes into common shares or cash at maturity, thereby providing a cushion against market volatilities​.

Manuel Sobrado, Executive Director of Grupo Insud in Argentina, voiced support for Moolec's initiatives, emphasizing the transaction's capacity to enhance Moolec's technology leadership in the food industry. Concurrently, Moolec's Chief Financial Officer, José López Lecube, highlighted the strengthened financial stance enabling an accelerated business model execution in a demanding financial market. The capital inflow is slated for key R&D projects continuation, while the in-kind contributions are aimed at bolstering the commercialization plan and product development agendas.

On a broader spectrum, these transactions reflect Moolec's strategic approach towards nurturing partnerships that not only provide financial leverage but also align with the company's mission of creating distinctive food ingredients via Molecular Farming technology. The endeavors with Grupo Insud and Bioceres Crop Solutions resonate with the broader industry's momentum towards embracing sustainable and innovative food production solutions


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