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Peakbridge Foodsparks Backs Myconeos To Further Their Development Of Alt-Dairy Cultures

PeakBridge VC and Myconeos Limited are happy to announce investment in Myconeos through Foodsparks®.The investment will help Myconeos drive forward delivery of its new Mycoforti® fungal cultures for the dairy industry and expand the technology into the vegan cheese sector and further accelerate the exciting innovation program. Myconeos, established in 2018, has developed a game-changing, natural breeding technology that enables the production of newly patented fungal strains that improve the flavour and texture of mould ripened cheese to meet consumer needs. The strain development program also leads to higher quality and greater consistency products, reducing cost and waste for the customer. The seed round included PeakBridge as a lead investor together with funding from existing investors. As an investor with a focus on the European Agri-Food sector, PeakBridge will especially bring in their expertise to support Myconeos on their path for internationalisation.

“The highly experienced team at Myconeos are working to provide solutions to the key challenges experienced by both the dairy and non-dairy cheese markets” commented Thomas van den Boezem, Principal of FoodSparks® by PeakBridge. “Myconeos’ strength in developing starter cultures helps unlock novel and better-tasting products, which is the primary reason for increased customer satisfaction. ”

Jacek Obuchowicz, CEO at Myconeos: “Myconeos has a breakthrough technology with great potential. We are excited to partner with PeakBridge FoodSparks® in joining our team and supporting us in our drive to bring our Mycoforti® fungal cultures to the mould ripened cheese and vegan cheese market. We were persuaded by the team’s clear expertise and wide network in the food sector and also because we share the common vision of what the technology can deliver for a more sustainable future.”


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