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Revolutionizing Sustainable Eating: Revo Foods' 3D Food Printing Journey

Courtesy of Revo Foods - The Kraken
Courtesy of Revo Foods - The Kraken

In the heart of Vienna, a startup is reshaping the future of sustainable eating. Revo Foods, founded in 2021, has quickly risen to prominence by introducing the world to its innovative 3D-printed food products. Spearheading this movement is "THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon" and the more recent "THE KRAKEN - Inspired by Octopus," both of which stand as testaments to the company's commitment to sustainability, nutrition, and the potential of FoodTech innovation.

The Birth of a Culinary Revolution

Revo Foods' journey into the limelight began with its groundbreaking launch of "THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon" in 2023, the first 3D-printed food product to hit supermarket shelves. This achievement not only demonstrated the viability and consumer interest in 3D-printed food but also cemented Revo Foods as a leader in fish alternatives in Austria. With a team of 35 international scientists and engineers, the company is on a mission to sustainably revolutionize the food industry through a blend of technology and creativity.

"THE KRAKEN": A Dive into the Future

Building on their success, Revo Foods introduced "THE KRAKEN - Inspired by Octopus," a plant-based alternative made from mycoprotein, aiming to mimic the texture and taste of octopus tentacles. This innovation represents a significant step forward in addressing seafood consumption's ecological and ethical concerns. With its high nutritional value, including a Nutriscore "A" rating, high protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber content, "THE KRAKEN" showcases the company's commitment to health and sustainability.

The Power of 3D Food Printing

At the core of Revo Foods' innovation is its advanced 3D food printing technology. The recent unveiling of the Food Fabricator X2 marks a significant technological leap, allowing for continuous production and mass customization of food products. This new system can produce a variety of products simultaneously, combining different ingredients into predefined structures, which was previously impossible​​​.

This technology not only enables the production of complex food items on an industrial scale but also introduces flexibility into the production of meat and seafood alternatives. It allows for the creation of whole-cut meat alternatives or products with customized shapes, textures, and nutritional profiles​.

Sustainability and Consumer Health at the Forefront

Revo Foods' use of mycoprotein, a sustainable and nutrient-rich ingredient, underlines its focus on environmental and health consciousness. Mycoprotein's natural fibrousness and nutritional profile allow for less processing, preserving more micronutrients and vitamins, which are crucial for replicating the textures and mouthfeel of traditional seafood. The company's dedication to providing alternatives that are not only sustainable but also nutritious and delicious speaks to a broader shift towards more ethical consumption patterns​.

Looking Ahead: A Vision for the Future

As Revo Foods continues to expand its capabilities and product offerings, it aims to disrupt the food industry further by making 3D food printing technology accessible to a wider market. With plans to enter food retail more significantly by the summer of 2024 and broaden its range beyond seafood and meat alternatives, Revo Foods is poised to lead the charge toward a sustainable food future.

Revo Foods represents a beacon of innovation in the FoodTech sector, bridging the gap between sustainability, nutrition, and culinary delight. Through its pioneering use of 3D food printing technology, the company is not just creating food; it's crafting the future of how we eat, one sustainable bite at a time.


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