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Revo Foods Breaks New Ground with 3D-Printed Salmon Now in European Stores

Revo Foods, an Austrian food-tech startup, has made history by launching its 3D-printed salmon filet, known as "The Filet – Inspired by Salmon," in European grocery stores. This marks the first time a 3D-printed meat alternative has been made available to consumers on supermarket shelves. The product is a collaboration with Swedish company Mycorena and employs cutting-edge extrusion technology to replicate the texture and flavor of conventional fish.

The Technology and Ingredients

Revo Foods utilizes its patented 3D-MassFormer technology to create a product that mimics the fibrous and fatty texture of traditional fish filets. The technology allows for the "seamless integration of fats into a fibrous protein matrix," according to Revo Foods CEO Robin Simsa. The Filet is made from a mycoprotein base derived from nutrition-heavy filamentous fungi, combined with pea proteins, plant oils, and algae extracts.

Nutritional and Environmental Benefits

The 3D-printed salmon offers a high protein and Omega-3 content, making it nutritionally similar to conventional salmon. It also has a three-week shelf life, significantly longer than traditional salmon products. The product aims to provide a sustainable alternative to conventional seafood, which faces challenges such as overfishing, plastic pollution, and the potential collapse of marine biodiversity.

Market Availability and Expansion Plans

Currently available in Billa Pflanzilla, Rewe Group's vegan flagship store in Vienna, the product will also be available for purchase from Revo Foods' website starting in October. The company has plans to expand its distribution to over 1,500 stores across Europe next year and aims to enter the U.S. market by 2025.

Industry Impact

The launch represents a pivotal moment in sustainable food technology, with 3D-printed consumables now ready to scale at industrial volumes. "With the milestone of industrial-scale 3D food printing, we are entering a creative food revolution," said Simsa. The alternative seafood sector has seen a 40% year-on-year increase in sales, and Revo Foods joins other funded startups like Konscious Foods, Bluu Seafood, and Hooked Foods in this growing market.


Revo Foods' 3D-printed salmon filet is a groundbreaking innovation in the alternative seafood market. With its focus on sustainability, nutritional benefits, and technological advancements, the product is set to revolutionize consumer choices and contribute to a more sustainable food ecosystem.



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