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Satisfying Sweetness with Science: Incredo® Sugar G2 Unveils the Future of Sugar Reduction

Courtesy of Incredo
Courtesy of Incredo

Incredo, Inc., a pioneering food tech company based in the United States, is pushing the boundaries of the food industry with the introduction of Incredo® Sugar G2, the next evolution of its globally acclaimed sugar reduction solution, Incredo® Sugar. This latest innovation stands as a testament to the company's commitment to health and sustainability, providing food manufacturers and CPG companies in North America and Europe with a powerful tool to significantly reduce sugar content in their products without sacrificing taste.

Incredo Sugar G2 emerges as a concentrated, clean-label solution that harnesses the sweetness of natural sugar (cane or beet) combined with protein, available in both plant-based and dairy-based variants. This innovative composition allows it to deliver the beloved taste and sensory experience of sugar, but with up to 50% less quantity. Its non-GMO, patent-pending formula is especially designed to cater to the growing demand for products with reduced added sugar, aligning with consumer and industry trends towards healthier and environmentally friendly food choices.

The versatility and ease of integration of Incredo Sugar G2 into existing recipes mark a significant advantage for food manufacturers. It can be incorporated at various stages of the food preparation process, acting as a micro-ingredient rather than a complete sugar replacement. This approach not only maintains the integrity of the original sugar procurement and supply chain processes but also ensures cost-efficiency and sustainability by enabling production, storage, and manufacture in smaller quantities.

Kelly Thompson, Co-CEO and Commercial Head at Incredo, emphasizes the company's dedication to customizing solutions that seamlessly fit into manufacturers' specific operational frameworks, leveraging cutting-edge technology for optimal results. This customer-centric approach is further highlighted by the company's recent expansion, including the establishment of its North American headquarters and labs in Austin, Texas, and the transition of all production activities to the United States to better serve its growing client base.

David Tsivion, Co-CEO and Chief Technology Officer, reaffirms Incredo's mission to offer delicious and nutritious sugar-reduced food products. With the introduction of Incredo Sugar G2, the company vows to continue its full-service support to partners, encompassing guidance on recipe reformulation, bulking, production techniques, and strategic optimizations tailored to specific food applications.

The safety and efficacy of Incredo Sugar G2 have been validated by a “no questions” response letter from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regarding its Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) notice. This endorsement underpins its full commercial availability in the U.S., where it has already been adopted in products like sugar-reduced chocolate chips and coatings as part of the innovative Discovery product line by Blommer Chocolate Company. With numerous iconic food brands exploring and testing products utilizing Incredo Sugar and Incredo Sugar G2, Incredo, Inc. is set to revolutionize the food industry by making healthier eating accessible and enjoyable, aligning with modern dietary trends and environmental consciousness.


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