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THIS Elevates Plant-Based Chicken to New Heights

UK-based plant-based food brand THIS has unveiled an upgraded version of its chicken-style pieces, marking a significant advancement in the realm of meat alternatives. Renowned for its mission to cater to meat lovers with plant-based options, THIS has achieved a breakthrough in both taste and texture.

A Recipe for Success

The new recipe, perfected after 18 months of research and development, offers a simpler composition, cutting the ingredients list by half and removing various additives. Despite these reductions, the chicken-style pieces boast a fibrous texture, maintaining low levels of saturated fat while being high in protein and fiber. THIS's co-founder and co-CEO, Andy Shovel, humorously noted the product's authenticity, saying it's so similar to chicken that "Mel Gibson might want to do its voice-over"​​.

Availability and Accessibility

The new plant-based chicken pieces have already made their way to major UK retailers like Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Morrisons, Asda, and Ocado. Expanding their reach, THIS has also entered the Netherlands market through Albert Heijn stores and is preparing for a rollout in food service​​.

Impressive Growth Amid Industry Challenges

Despite the challenges faced by many plant-based brands due to economic factors like inflation and reduced consumer spending, THIS has experienced significant growth. The company is now the fastest-growing brand in its category, with expectations to exceed £20 million in revenue this year, a more than 50% increase from the previous year. This remarkable growth has been bolstered by strategic moves, including a £15 million Series B funding round and expanding into international markets like the Netherlands​​.

THIS's commitment to innovation and quality has not only enhanced its product line but also fortified its position in the competitive plant-based market. The brand's success story serves as an inspiration in the burgeoning world of plant-based foods, demonstrating that with the right blend of innovation, quality, and strategic expansion, plant-based brands can thrive even in challenging economic climates.


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