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TiNDLE Chicken Makes Swiss Debut at Coop Supermarkets: A Leap Towards Sustainable Eating

In a significant move towards sustainable food choices, TiNDLE Foods has announced the retail debut of its plant-based TiNDLE Chicken in Switzerland, exclusively available at 440 Coop supermarkets nationwide. This marks the first time Swiss consumers will have access to TiNDLE Chicken, bringing a range of popular plant-based products to the shelves, including TiNDLE Burgers, Crispy Fillets, Nuggets, and Wings.

The Coop Group, renowned in Switzerland for its high-quality products and premium shopping experiences, operates the largest supermarket chains in the country. The group's commitment to sustainability is evident in its comprehensive plan aimed at reducing its environmental footprint by 2026. This plan includes a focus on "sustainable product ranges," promoting earth-friendly products in its retail stores and online services.

A recent report published by Coop highlights a growing trend in Switzerland: a shift towards plant-based diets. In 2023, 63% of Swiss people reported actively reducing their meat consumption, with a 350% increase in demand for meat substitutes since 2019. The introduction of TiNDLE Chicken aligns perfectly with this trend, especially as it coincides with Veganuary, an annual initiative encouraging people to adopt plant-based diets for January.

Marc Sohier, Senior Vice President of Business Development at TiNDLE Foods, emphasized the significance of introducing TiNDLE to the Swiss market, acknowledging Switzerland's global leadership in sustainability and carbon emission reduction efforts. Martin Stutz, Product Purchasing Manager for vegan and vegetarian alternatives at Coop, noted the alignment of TiNDLE's innovative chicken products with consumer preferences and Coop's vegan product range.

Developed in collaboration with TiNDLE's world-class R&D team and expert chefs from Europe, Asia, and the United States, TiNDLE's plant-based products aim to bring a high-quality culinary experience into home kitchens. These grocery-ready products are known for their distinctive flavour and are made with simple, non-GMO ingredients. They are also a good source of protein and fibre, with 17g of protein and 8g of fibre per 100g of TiNDLE Chicken.

The TiNDLE product range at Coop includes:

- TiNDLE Burgers: Breaded chicken patties that are juicy and tender, ready to be transformed into an impressive meal in under five minutes.

- TiNDLE Crispy Fillets: Easy-to-prepare crispy fillets packed with chicken flavour, ideal for wraps, tacos, or served with dipping sauces.

- TiNDLE Nuggets: Bite-sized nuggets that are versatile for various dishes, from pastas to burritos or curries.

- TiNDLE Wings: Plant-based wings that offer the beloved crunch and taste of chicken wings, customizable with any sauce.

Borna Bayat, Chief Marketing Officer at TiNDLE Foods, expressed excitement about receiving feedback from Swiss consumers, especially during Veganuary. The company aims to show that sustainable choices do not require a compromise on quality and enjoyment.

This launch in Switzerland follows TiNDLE Chicken's successful introduction in retail stores in Germany, the UK, and the US in 2023. The startup has since expanded the distribution of TiNDLE Chicken, reaching thousands of distribution points and restaurants across Europe, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards more sustainable and ethical food choices.


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