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Unlocking the Future of Nutrition: A €9M Investment in Phycom

In a groundbreaking move, Phycom, a StartLife alumnus, has secured an investment of approximately €9 million from key partners including Carbion,, Invest-NL, and Invest International. This investment aims to revolutionize the future of nutrition by scaling up the industrial production of high-quality microalgae. The investment not only validates Phycom's innovative technology but also underscores the role of microalgae as a sustainable protein alternative in transforming our global food system.

The Investors' Perspective


Carbion is a strategic partner focused on leveraging algae fermentation to improve nutrition while conserving the world's limited resources. is committed to strengthening its portfolio in food transition. Founder Boudewijn Poelmann believes that microalgae will be a key ingredient in the future of food and contribute to a more sustainable world.


Invest-NL aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system by investing in innovative technologies for alternative proteins. Daan Meijer, Investment Associate of Invest-NL, expressed pride in adding Phycom to their investment portfolio.

Invest International

Invest International focuses on agrifood strategy and aims to bring about important changes in the food system, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Eelco Benink, Head of Equity at Invest International, highlighted that the investment creates direct employment in the Netherlands and allows Phycom to develop an international expansion plan.

The Promise of Microalgae

Microalgae offer a sustainable protein alternative that could play a crucial role in transforming our food system. Ruud Peerbooms, president of Corbion Algae Ingredients, stated that the capabilities demonstrated by Phycom offer great potential for algae-based technologies.

Phycom's Expansion Plans

With renewed support from all existing shareholders, Phycom plans to expand its team at all levels of the organization. The investment will also facilitate the appointment of new board members and further technology development funding.

The €9 million investment in Phycom by Carbion,, Invest-NL, and Invest International is a significant step towards a more sustainable and innovative future in nutrition. As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change, food security, and sustainability, investments like these are more crucial than ever.


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