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WNWN Takes Giant Leap Towards Ethical Snacking with its Innovative Cocoa-Free Chocolate Bars

Alt choc company, WNWN Food Labs has unveiled a collection of cocoa-free chocolate bars that promise to redefine the market with their ethical and sustainable profile. This pioneering food tech company, noted for being the first to introduce cocoa-free chocolate to the market, announced the imminent release of three new products to the public, with pre-orders commencing today. Each variant is an ode to a beloved UK chocolate bar, albeit reimagined to exclude the socio-ecological downsides associated with conventional chocolate production.

WNWN's newest offering comprises three delightful flavors that pay homage to some of the UK's cherished chocolate bars:

1. Choc Nut: A delightful melange of smooth hazelnut paste intertwined with WNWN’s signature creamy, cocoa-free “choc”.

2. Choc Orange: This bar marries the richness of choc with the citrusy punch of orange and grapefruit, creating a tantalizing taste experience.

3. Vegan M•lk Choc: A vegan marvel that retains the comforting familiarity of classic milk choc.

As the company’s most expansive product launch to date, this trio of chocolate bars encapsulates WNWN's mission to blend taste with ethics. Ahrum Pak, WNWN’s CEO, encapsulated the ethos behind this move, stating, “We’ve reimagined classic chocolate bars by giving them an ethical, sustainable, and cocoa-free twist. While they have a far smaller environmental impact, and they don’t rely on unfair labor practices like the originals they were inspired by, they are every bit as delicious. With these products, we're showing the world how our cocoa-free chocolate can power the future of sustainable snacking.”

The ethical credentials of these bars are impeccable: they are dairy-free, palm oil-free, and caffeine-free. Additionally, their packaging is designed with the environment in mind; all wrappers are compostable, and the cardboard sleeves are recyclable.

This product launch comes at a time when the traditional cocoa market is under siege for its human rights and environmental transgressions. Rising cocoa prices, driven up by a steep 66% in the UK and 46% in the U.S., alongside increasing scrutiny from regulators and stakeholders over unethical practices, have cast a long shadow over the industry. The recent EU ban on deforestation-linked cocoa, and the U.S. federal lawsuit seeking to halt imports of cocoa associated with child labor, signify a turning tide against unsustainable cocoa practices.

The urgency for alternatives like those offered by WNWN is further amplified by the climatic vulnerabilities cocoa crops face, from escalating temperatures to dwindling rainfall. Experts are warning of looming chocolate shortages, underscoring the critical need for innovations in the sector.

According to WNWN's internal lifecycle analysis, their dark chocolate alternative emits a staggering 90 percent fewer greenhouse gases compared to conventional chocolate. This product line does not contribute to the myriad of issues plaguing the conventional chocolate supply chain, including deforestation, habitat destruction, and unfair labor practices.

The impact of WNWN's products extends beyond just the tangible eco-friendly benefits. By offering a delicious yet responsible choice, WNWN is not only challenging the status quo but is also charting a path for others in the industry to follow. Through these products, WNWN Food Labs is making a compelling case for how the future of snacking can be reshaped to be more ethical and sustainable, without compromising on taste.

Just a quick FYI - Each 48-gram bar will be sold for £5, and a bundle of each bar for £15, beginning November 1. Pre-orders are open now at the WNWN online store:


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