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Armored Fresh Introduces Plant-Based American Cheese Slices in US FoodService

Armored Fresh, the South Korean food tech company known for its innovative dairy-free cheese, is excited to announce the latest addition to its product lineup – American Slices with oat milk. Designed specifically to cater to consumers with nut allergies who are unable to consume other vegan cheeses, the new oat milk cheese aims to expand the brand's presence in the US foodservice sector. Armored Fresh claims that the oat milk cheese perfectly replicates the salty, sharp, and nutty flavors of real dairy cheese, and extensive trials were conducted to recreate the creamy texture found in their original almond milk-based American Slices.

The final product successfully captures the unique taste and melting properties of traditional dairy cheese while being free from soy, gluten, artificial flavors, and preservatives. With the introduction of oat-based American Slices, Armored Fresh aims to enhance its B2B channel to meet the growing demand for plant-based cheese in restaurants. By improving the taste and quality of plant-based cheese, the company believes it can contribute to making such products more accessible to consumers.

Armored Fresh initially entered the US market in 2022 with almond milk cheese cubes available in various varieties. Shortly after, they unveiled Almond Milk Cheese slices that boasted superior melting capabilities compared to similar products in the market.

In March, the company launched its online store for US customers and recently expanded its shipping reach to 48 states. Armored Fresh products are also available in 170 Kroger supermarkets. Currently, the new oat milk cheese is exclusively available for foodservice partnerships in the New York area. However, Armored Fresh has plans to expand its distribution to more states, retailers, and direct-to-consumer markets.

Sara Jo, the team leader of Armored Fresh's alternative food division, highlighted the increasing global interest in plant-based cheese. Citing data from the market research firm Data Bridge Market Research, she pointed out that the vegan cheese market is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 23.5% and reach approximately $4.4 billion by 2029.

Jo emphasized Armored Fresh's commitment to product research, development, and expanding distribution networks to engage with a larger consumer base. Starting with their oat milk-based new product, the company aims to make comprehensive efforts to meet the growing demand for plant-based cheese worldwide.


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