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Breaking New Ground: Day 8's Milestones in the Plant-Based Protein Industry

Courtesy of Day 8
Courtesy of Day 8

In the burgeoning field of sustainable food technology, an innovation just emerged from stealth aiming to reshape the global protein supply chain. Day 8, an Israel-based startup, has recently secured a significant milestone in its journey towards revolutionizing the plant-based protein industry. With a fresh infusion of $750,000 in pre-seed funding, courtesy of The Kitchen Hub, and a unique value proposition centered around Rubisco—a protein heralded as the most abundant on Earth—Day 8 is poised to transform agricultural waste into a culinary goldmine. This article delves deeper into the innovative processes, ambitions, and potential impacts of Day 8's venture, offering a broader perspective on its implications for the future of food.

The Genesis of Day 8

Founded in mid-2023 by Daniel Rejzner and Dana Marom, Day 8 was born out of a vision to harness the untapped potential of Rubisco. This enzyme, found in the leaves of all green plants, including crops like duckweed, stands as a testament to the possibilities of sustainable protein production. Unlike conventional protein sources that rely on seed extraction, Day 8's method focuses on the leaves, particularly those discarded during agricultural processes, marking a significant leap towards reducing waste and enhancing economic efficiency.

The startup's name, inspired by the biblical narrative of creation, symbolizes humanity's responsibility to nurture and protect the Earth—a principle deeply embedded in its mission. With backgrounds in food manufacturing and the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, Rejzner and Marom bring a wealth of experience and a shared commitment to sustainability to the forefront of Day 8's operations.

Unlocking Rubisco's Potential

Rubisco's prominence in the plant kingdom cannot be overstated, given its role in photosynthesis and its widespread availability. However, its potential as a protein source has been largely untapped due to extraction challenges. Day 8's technological breakthrough promises to isolate Rubisco in a taste-neutral form, making it an ideal ingredient for a wide array of food products.

The implications of this innovation extend beyond the mere production of an alternative protein source. With Rubisco's complete amino acid profile, comparable to that of beef and dairy proteins, and its low allergenicity, it represents a significant advancement in nutritional science. Its properties also suggest a range of culinary applications, from plant-based meats and dairy alternatives to functional foods, due to its foaming, gelling, and emulsification capabilities.

Sustainable Impact and Economic Viability

Day 8's approach addresses two critical challenges in the food industry: sustainability and economic efficiency. By utilizing discarded crop leaves, the company not only reduces waste but also circumvents the costs associated with cultivating raw materials. This process, according to projections, could lead to Rubisco-based products becoming competitive with, or even cheaper than, existing plant proteins like soy.

The startup's partnership with The Kitchen Hub, known for its robust portfolio and successful fundraising endeavors, underscores the market's growing recognition of Rubisco's potential. This collaboration aims to scale up production and validate the concept with food manufacturers, signaling a promising horizon for Day 8's innovations. “RuBisCO is the most craved plant-based protein due to its superior qualities and abundance, and it has been a focus of The Kitchen for a while. When we met Day 8 we felt that this is the right team with the right technology to materialize the enormous business potential of RuBisCO protein.” stated Amir Zaidman, chief business officer of The Kitchen Foodtech Hub.

The Broader Landscape

Day 8 is not alone in its quest to explore Rubisco's possibilities. Other companies, such as California's Plantible Foods and Dutch startup Rubisco Foods, have also ventured into this space, each with their unique angle on harnessing the protein's potential. Plantible Foods, for example, has focused on duckweed-derived Rubisco, securing substantial funding to advance its mission.

The collective efforts of these companies highlight a burgeoning interest in sustainable, plant-based protein sources. As the global population continues to grow, and the demand for nutritious, environmentally friendly food options rises, innovations like those pioneered by Day 8 and its contemporaries offer a glimpse into a future where food production aligns more closely with the principles of sustainability and health.


The journey of Day 8, from its foundational ethos to its technological breakthroughs and strategic partnerships, encapsulates the dynamic interplay between innovation, sustainability, and nutrition. As the company moves forward, its potential to disrupt the protein market and contribute to a more sustainable food system remains vast. With Rubisco at the helm, Day 8 stands on the precipice of a new era in food technology, where the most abundant protein on Earth could become a cornerstone of global nutrition.


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