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Farmless Gulps €4.8 Million in Seed Funding: Revolutionizing Alternative Protein Production

Farmless, a Dutch startup pioneering in the field of alternative protein sources through innovative fermentation technology, has recently secured a significant investment of €4.8 million in seed funding. This new capital influx, which follows a €1.2 million pre-seed round, is set to propel Farmless towards developing its first products aimed at replacing conventional meat, dairy, and eggs.

Founded in 2021 by Adnan Oner, Farmless distinguishes itself in the burgeoning field of fermentation-based food production. Unlike traditional methods that rely on sugar as a primary ingredient, Farmless utilizes a groundbreaking liquid composed of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, and renewable energy. This innovative approach not only bypasses the need for agricultural land but also boasts the ability to produce proteins with up to 5,000 times less land use than beef. Oner emphasizes the flexibility of this method, allowing production anywhere in the world where energy is sustainable, affordable, and abundant.

Milestones and Future Endeavors

In just over a year, Farmless has made significant strides, including assembling a team of eight, establishing a small-scale R&D facility, and discovering a microorganism suitable for fermentation into various food applications. The newly acquired funding will not only support the construction of a pilot brewery in Amsterdam but will also be channeled into further development of fermentation technology, expanding the team, gaining regulatory approvals, and setting up a test kitchen for product experimentation. Oner highlights the company's focus on commercializing its first product and forming partnerships with food companies to incorporate their innovative ingredient.

Industry Perspective and Investment Trends

The investment in Farmless comes at a time when venture capital investment in alternative proteins, while experiencing a general decline since its peak in 2021, still shows a robust interest in innovative food technology. PitchBook reports that the third quarter saw $724.32 million spread across 46 deals in this sector. Despite the slowdown in deals, the rapid closure of Farmless' funding round in less than two months underlines the continued excitement in alternative protein technology. Dr. Nadine Geiser of World Fund, a principal co-leader of the seed round, underscores the potential of Farmless to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and agricultural land use, thus contributing positively to global biodiversity.

The Significance of Farmless' Approach

Farmless' innovative method of using non-sugar-based feedstock for fermentation represents a critical shift in sustainable food production. By reducing the reliance on agricultural land and lowering CO2 emissions, Farmless stands at the forefront of addressing the environmental challenges posed by traditional farming and animal agriculture. Their approach not only aligns with global efforts to reduce emissions but also opens up new avenues for sustainable food production that can be adapted globally.


Farmless' recent funding success is a clear indicator of the growing interest and confidence in alternative protein sources and sustainable food technology. With its unique fermentation approach and commitment to environmental sustainability, Farmless is well-positioned to lead a significant change in how we approach food production. As the company moves towards commercializing its innovative products, it holds the promise of contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious food system.


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