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Matrix F.T. Cultivates A Chicken Nugget On Edible Microcarriers

Matrix F.T., a leading developer of edible, animal- component-free, plant-based scaffolds and microcarriers for the alternative protein industry, is proud to announce the first cultivated chicken made in Ohio, at the Matrix F.T. facility.

Matrix F.T. possesses both engineering labs and biological testing facilities (a wet lab), where cell culture experiments are conducted to test performance, food safety, sterility and more on Matrix F.T.'s scaffolds and microcarriers. Matrix F.T. also offers Contract Research Services in their wet lab for cultivated meat companies.

The microcarriers made at Matrix F.T. are used to grow and proliferate cells in bioreactors for cultivated meat products. Scaffolds are used to proliferate, mature and differentiate cells, signaling gene expressions and protein expression, turning cells into complex tissue structures, or cultivated meat.

Matrix F.T.'s customers develop complex cell-based meat and dairy products. Matrix F.T. enables their processes by providing 3D extracellular matrices on which cells can grow and proliferate, while also providing texture and thickness to the product.

The Matrix F.T. team created a proof of concept cultivated chicken nugget to demonstrate to the industry how microcarriers and scaffolds can contribute as a key ingredient to a cultivated meat product.

Primary chicken myoblasts were obtained from a university partner and were cultivated by Heidi Coia, PhD., the Director of Product Development and Innovation at Matrix F.T. The cells were then harvested and combined with a proprietary mixture of plant-based proteins to create a cookable, hybrid chicken nugget. The mixture was breaded and served at an internal tasting.

"It had a great flavor, texture, and we were delighted to give a small example of how our customizable products can contribute to each of our customers' unique cell-based foods that they are going to take to market," said Dr. Heidi Coia.


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