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Melt&Marble: The Swedish Innovator Crafting the Future of Sustainable Fats

Courtesy of Melt&Marble
Courtesy of Melt&Marble

In an era where sustainability shapes dietary preferences, Melt&Marble emerges as a pioneer, fermenting a revolution in the heart of Sweden. This visionary startup is transforming the fat industry through precision fermentation, charting a course for the global food sector towards sustainability and ethical practices. Founded in 2016, Melt&Marble has garnered €5.75M in total funding to date. Melt&Marble's ambition extends beyond merely substituting animal fats; they strive to refine and elevate the standards for alternatives.

Melt&Marble's mission is rooted in its commitment to facilitate a shift to sustainable, delectable, and animal-free food options. They foresee a future where culinary indulgence does not inflict environmental or ethical harm. Their objective is to close the "taste gap" between plant-based and animal-derived foods by authentically replicating the nuanced melting behaviors, flavors, and textures of conventional fats.

The company's state-of-the-art technology ingeniously reprograms yeast metabolism to transform sugars into bespoke fats. This biotech breakthrough enables the precise tailoring of fat characteristics—manipulating fatty acid types and their configuration into triglycerides. This capacity empowers them not only to imitate but also to surpass the sensory qualities of animal fats by removing deleterious elements such as trans fats and cholesterol.

With the strategic relocation to new headquarters in Gothenburg, Melt&Marble embarks on a new chapter, equipped with avant-garde facilities that solidify their trajectory towards mass-producing precision-fermented, meat-analogous fats.

The new Gothenburg site is a beacon of progress, featuring state-of-the-art molecular biology and microbiology laboratories, bioreactors for pilot-scale production, and a test kitchen dedicated to food applications. These advancements ensure Melt&Marble remains at the vanguard of developing sustainable, flavorful, and healthful fat alternatives.

Scaling New Heights: From Lab Bench to Global Benchmarks

Melt&Marble's transition to a cubic meter bioreactor scale for its premiere product—a solid fat resembling the functionality of animal fats for alternative meats—is a momentous feat. This scale-up is pivotal for achieving commercial production volumes, with an eye on expanding to even larger scales.

Anastasia Krivoruchko, co-founder and CEO, celebrates the company's advancements, spotlighting the sustained enhancements in critical performance metrics that bear commercial relevance and affirm the scalability of their methods.

Securing a Path to Market: Strategic Partnerships and U.S. Expansion

Melt&Marble has astutely secured partnerships that are crucial for their growth, anticipating production acceleration to hundreds of kilograms per batch shortly, with ambitions to reach tonnage by 2025—ahead of their anticipated U.S. market debut.

Thomas Cresswell, the Chief Business Officer, underscores the intense interest their technology has garnered, both in Europe and the U.S. Melt&Marble’s proprietary process not only meets the challenge of palatability in animal-free foods but does so while closely mimicking the sensory pleasure that consumers seek.

The innovation underpinning Melt&Marble's technology grants unprecedented control over fat composition and characteristics, facilitating the crafting of custom fats. This versatile approach has potential applications that stretch beyond the food sector, tapping into the personal care industry, among others, to meet a growing demand for sustainable specialty fats.

Melt&Marble embodies purpose-driven innovation. As they meticulously refine fat properties, they are crafting not just ingredients but comprehensive solutions for an improved food system. Their dedication to sustainability, health, and taste sets a lofty standard for alternative fats and signals a promising direction for an industry keen to bridge the taste gap responsibly. With a future ripe with possibilities, Melt&Marble is strategically positioned to spearhead a new epoch in food technology.


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