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Miyoko's Creamery Unveils Plant Milk Cheese Spreads: A Game-Changer in Dairy Alternatives

Miyoko's Creamery, a leading name in plant-based dairy alternatives, has announced the launch of its new Plant Milk Cheese Spreads. This innovative product line is designed to meet the growing consumer demand for high-quality, ethical, and delicious dairy alternatives. Crafted using traditional cheesemaking techniques and organic cultured cashew milk, these spreads are set to redefine the plant-based cheese market.

The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking

Miyoko's Creamery has always been at the forefront of plant-based dairy innovation. Their new cheese spreads are made using time-honored cheesemaking techniques, starting with a rich, creamy base of organic cultured cashew milk. The result is a product that delivers on taste, performance, and quality, setting a new standard in the plant-based dairy sector.

A Versatile and Inclusive Product Line

The Plant Milk Cheese Spreads come in four mouth-watering flavors:

1. Classic Chive: A flavorful spread speckled with finely chopped chives, perfect for crackers or enhancing dishes like mashed potatoes.

2. Garlic Herb: A herbaceous and aromatic spread, ideal for blending into sauces or spreading on crackers.

3. Roadhouse Cheddar: A bold, sharp cheddar-flavored spread that is perfect for snacking and sandwiches.

4. Sundried Tomato: A Mediterranean-inspired spread with sun-dried tomatoes and garlic, suitable for a variety of culinary applications.

These spreads are certified-organic, vegan, lactose-free, soy-free, palm oil-free, gluten-free, and kosher, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Why This Matters

"As Americans continue to actively look for ways to reduce meat and dairy consumption, the spreads are a perfect next step in our product development," said Rebecca Infusino, Chief Customer Officer at Miyoko's Creamery. The Plant Milk Cheese Spreads not only offer a delicious alternative to traditional dairy but also align with the brand's mission to bring fresh excitement into the category.

Expanding Retail Presence

In line with the product launch, Miyoko's Creamery is also expanding its retail footprint. The brand is now available in more than 25,000 retail locations nationwide, including major retailers like Whole Foods, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Safeway, Sprouts, Walmart, and Wegmans.

Availability and Pricing

The Plant Milk Cheese Spreads will retail for $6.49 for an 8 oz. container and will be available across a variety of retail partners, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and regional Albertsons locations in Texas.


Miyoko's Creamery continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the plant-based dairy sector. Their new Plant Milk Cheese Spreads are a testament to their commitment to quality, innovation, and consumer satisfaction. As the brand expands its retail presence, these spreads are poised to become a staple in households across the nation, offering a versatile and delicious alternative to traditional dairy products.


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