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Motif Foodworks Launches Direct-to-Consumer Sales

As part of its first direct-to-consumer sale, Motif FoodWorks, a Boston-based food technology company that creates delicious food, has announced the launch of its debut finished format product. The company's Motif BeefWorksTM Plant-Based Burger Patties can be purchased by consumers and shipped directly to their homes or any location they choose.

Motif BeefWorks™ Plant-Based Burger Patties offer rich, meaty flavor and a delicious, juicy texture - made possible by the company's groundbreaking ingredients HEMAMI™ and APPETEX™. Now, the general public will have the chance to experience these mouthwatering patties with a pre-order bundle of 4 for just $12. During product testing at select events and limited-time restaurant partnerships, these plant-based burgers have received rave reviews from both customers and industry leaders alike. Motif is excited to bridge its B2B operations into B2C marketing, allowing them to promote its innovative ingredients directly to consumers.

Motif FoodWorks claimed the product would "showcase the power of its ingredients directly to consumers." Mike Leonard, Motif FoodWorks' CEO, also added, "When we sample our products at tradeshows and events, the number one question we are asked is 'where can I buy your product?', That's why we are excited to offer people a way to try our products at home and taste the delicious experience created by Motif's ingredients."

In August 2022, Leonard was promoted from chief technology officer to CEO, with McIntyre moving to an advisory role. During McIntyre's tenure, the company raised $345 million in funding.

In recent quarters, a slowdown in demand for plant-based meat products has prompted some manufacturers to review their position in the sector and others to reduce their expectations.


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